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Morgan Latzko

This Artist’s Sensory Play Setups Are Amazing

For artist Morgan Latzko of The Scott Cottage, sensory play is as much fun for her as it is for her son.

by Michelle Mastro
Morgan Latzko

Latzko is a photographer, creative producer, and mom to a 2-year-old boy. She created The Scott Cottage during the pandemic to share her journey discovering sensory play art. Instructions are posted on her blog, and pre-made kits are available to purchase on Etsy.

At a time when we’re supposed to avoid handling objects and surfaces, sensory play allows her son to explore the world through touch. Q can identify a range of colors—from teal to magenta. He also learned the alphabet and how to count through exposure in sensory play. Pictured: homemade play dough. Morgan Latzko
Latzko’s sensory play art ranges from simple color-blocked designs to complicated mosaics. Rice grains and dried pasta and beans dyed a variety of colors make up much of her compositions. The more colors the better. Morgan Latzko
Morgan Latzko

“If something is rainbow on the table, my son runs at it,” she laughs.

This rainbow is made from oats dyed with food coloring and water. Latzko loves sitting down and making art for her son to play with and compares the process to making beautiful sand mandalas.Morgan Latzko
“Comparison is the thief of joy. And I think that holds true for parents and being on a social media platform and seeing something intricate and feeling that it’s unattainable and unrealistic,” says Latzko. That’s why she makes rainbow sensory play kits available at her Etsy shop.Morgan Latzko
“COVID brought a level of loneliness. But at the same time, I started taking photographs again, and sensory play art sparked new inspiration and joy within the home.”Morgan Latzko
Morgan Latzko

Communicating Via Sensory Play

Sensory play bonded Q and his grandfather, who battles dementia. After 14 months apart (and all parties were vaccinated), she brought over Q and some play dough. “While my dad didn’t know us, he was instantly comforted by the play dough and connected to Q through rolling various shaped balls.”

Inspiration also comes from Q’s current obsessions: “Sensory play art gave me and my son, Q, something to ‘talk about.’ Since he loves reading, the art I created around books was highly engaging for him.” Art based on a Sesame Street book has been the pair’s favorite.Morgan Latzko
Sensory play is also a form of escape. “We’re not going anywhere right now because of COVID, so how do I help Q understand the beach? Sensory play gives him an opportunity to expand on things he knows through books. Learn to create your own small world here. Morgan Latzko
For little ones still in the ‘mouthing stage,’ Latzko makes her own rainbow water beads. The recipe is easy and only needs three ingredients: water, tapioca pearls, and food coloring.Morgan Latzko
Morgan Latzko

Sensory Play Is For Grownups, Too

“Sensory play art can be a mom relaxing at night creating a mosaic with rice and beans while watching Netflix. Play can be a mom creating art. That’s really what it is, creating art just by way of sensory play.”

“It has brought me joy sharing things through social media and my website. I hope that people will go to my pages and be encouraged to try something new. I want sensory play to spark joy in them.”Morgan Latzko