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How To Make Your Long Weekend Trip With Your Kids The Best Adventure Ever

Hint: simplicity is the key.


The best about traveling with your kids for a long weekend trip is that the magic starts immediately. Who can resist being excited about a 3-day weekend full of adventures? With these tips, your weekend getaway can stay magical the whole way through.


Leave Early

Take advantage of the long weekend and leave for your trip as early as possible. That way you have plenty of time to get settled in without feeling like half of your fun time is gone.


Make Loose Plans

Sure, you know you’re going to the beach, but a weekend trip means you need a few plans ready to go. Do you want to get ice cream? Play putt-putt? Just sit on the beach all day? Have a rough plan so you don’t miss a moment.

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Pack Light

No, seriously. You know you won’t need four pairs of shoes for a 3-day weekend. Pack simply — one outfit per day, maybe one for a fancy night out, and then an extra change of clothes in case life happens. Don’t go overboard.


Pack In Cubes

You probably won’t fully unpack and hang things up or put them in drawers for a weekend trip, so consider packing in cubes so each family member has a cube of just their clothes to hold onto.


Make The Journey Fun

Whether you’re road-tripping or flying, don’t let the travel to the destination feel like a chore. This is a great chance to really soak up every minute of your trip. Plan fun pit-stops, play silly games, pack snacks you’d never let them have — make it fun.

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Loosen Up The Schedules

I’m not suggesting you let your kid get so overly tired that everyone is miserable, but consider delaying nap time or staying out later than usual for a post-dinner adventure. A long weekend trip is all about seizing the day.

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Don’t Get Too Ambitious

OK, yes to all the adventures, but try to remember that a long weekend trip is most successful when there’s a heavy dose of relaxation, fun things to do, and lots of good eats. Just enjoy the time together, even if half the day is at a new-to-you park.

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These little weekend trips are going to be major memories for your kids and you. Take tons of pictures, write down the funny things they said and did, record the memory of Dad dropping his hot dog in the middle of Times Square and eating it anyway. It all matters.

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