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5 Backyard Adventures To Plan For Your Daughter This Summer

By Suzanne McKenzie

With wide-open days spent outside, no school or homework, and adventure around every corner, there's no limit to the magic that summer brings to kids. The same goes for parents — even though work doesn't stop for those three sacred months, seeing the excitement of the season through your children's eyes is something that can't be replaced.

The best moments of any truly magnificent summer are those spent outdoors soaking up the sun, splashing around in the water, and feeling that warm breeze that you've looked forward to all year long.

Even if there aren't any epic camping trips or oceanside beach vacations on your family's summer itinerary this year, there are tons of adventures you can create in your own backyard! At the end of the day, it's not where your family spends the summer that matters, rather it's the ritual of going outside, moving your bodies, and making memories that will last long after Labor Day.

In the spirit of getting creative this summer, Romper teamed up with Athleta Girl to bring you all the inspiration you need to plan backyard adventures that your daughter will never forget. Read on to discover how to keep your girl cool, confident, and comfortable while she explores the beautiful world around her.

Create A DIY Waterpark

Nothing screams "summer!" louder than a trip to the local waterpark. Between the wave pool, the slides, and of course, the snack bar, summer just isn't the same without a day spent splashing around.

Recreate this family favorite in your own backyard with a classic tarp-and-dish-soap slip 'n' slide, or turn your swing set into a watery wonderland with some strategically placed sprinklers. Prepare your girl to play outside morning 'til night with a coordinated tie dye bikini top and shorts made of stretchy swim fabric that stays in place. Add a lightweight tee for sun protection and let the fun begin.

Camp Out Under The Stars

For outdoorsy families, camping is an essential part of any proper summer season. Don't let the inevitable summer craziness stop you from living it up under the stars. Pitch a tent in your yard, cook up some stovetop s'mores, and spend one whole night "roughing" it.

Surprise your girl with a look that'll get her excited to camp on the lawn. Sleek capris and a matching bra will keep her feeling cool and supported in the afternoon heat, and a cozy ribbed hoodie is the perfect thing to keep the chill away once the sun sets.

Grow Your Very Own 'Forest'

Plan an entertaining outdoor activity that doubles as a lesson on how to give back to the planet your daughter enjoys all year round. Source some saplings, then scout out a spot on your property to plant them and add some greenery to your view.

Lightweight navy shorts are perfect for getting down and dirty without worrying about stains, and layering a seamless tee over a comfy longline bra will be a lifesaver in scorching summer temps.

Conquer An Obstacle Course

If your daughter is an adventurer who loves a challenge, she'll go wild for a homespun obstacle course. Turn a line of bricks into a makeshift balance beam, craft an army crawl out of arched pool noodles, and create hurdles by tying a piece of yarn between two stakes in the ground.

Get your girl pumped up with camo capris that are (bonus!) made from recycled fabric, a seamless racerback active tee, and a soft sports bra so she feels supported as she shines.

Train Like A Pro

Just because school's out doesn't mean athletics have to stop for the summer! Enlist the help of some online videos so you can coach your girl to conquer a sport she's been wanting to try. Bonus points if it's an activity that they don't teach in schools, like skateboarding or archery.

Breezy shorts will keep her cool and mobile, while a lightweight organic cotton tank offers breathability, and a racerback bra provides the support she needs to perfect her skills.

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