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Girls Tell Us The Most Powerful Thing About Themselves

By Rebecca Hastings

As a mom of three, I forget some things. I forget to defrost the chicken for dinner. I forget to put the laundry in the dryer. I forget to send in the permission slip for the field trip.

But I won’t ever forget the day my 5th grade daughter came home from school and told me about how amazing math class was.

There was a problem they were trying to solve, and the whole class was stuck, including the teacher.

That’s when Anna shot her hand into the air.

She solved the problem, and she got the right answer. After the teacher had her explain it to the class (and to him), he told her that she should probably teach the rest of the math lesson.

My daughter still smiles ear to ear when I mention that day in math class.

It wasn’t that she got the answer right. It wasn’t the attention or the encouragement from the teacher. It was that she worked hard at something she loved. She faced a hard math problem with confidence and she didn’t give up until she succeeded.

Anna smiles when I mention that day because she felt powerful.

Isn’t it funny how kids can remind us of things?

In the middle of carpooling to soccer practice, getting food on the table, and making sure the homework is finished, it’s easy to forget just how amazing and fierce our girls are. As a mom to a truly powerful girl, my goal is to do everything I can to help her feel ready to take on the world.

In the spirit of encouraging girls to own their power inside and out, Romper teamed up with Athleta Girl, whose versatile pieces help girls push their limits, tackle every challenge that comes their way, and — most of all — look as powerful as they feel. Because the truth is, whether they're in math class or on the soccer field, girls should feel confident to let their inner strength shine.

Here's what real girls have to say about the traits, activities, and skills that make them feel like their most unstoppable selves.

Emma, 6

“I feel powerful because after I completed my first Spartan Race, I felt unstoppable so then I ran a triathlon called Race for Chase. It makes me feel powerful because I never thought I could do it until I tried and now, I want to do it again and again.”

Amelia, 8

“Climbing makes me feel like I am flying. I have power inside of me as I go higher up. When I get to the top, I feel like I landed on a mountain. It makes me feel free.”

Chloe, 8

“Being kind and respectful to other people makes me feel powerful because it makes other people feel good and happy.”

Zia, 10

“The most powerful thing about me is my creative writing, because when I employ strong words, I get people to hear me better than when I speak.”

Melody, 7

“The love I give! It makes me feel good to make other people smile or feel good about themselves.”

Zion, 6

“I feel powerful because I am courageous enough to just be me even though I am bald. I am proud of my look and I am beautiful just the way I am! I feel powerful because my mom and dad say I am being stronger than even some adults!”

Natalie, 7

“I feel strong and powerful doing gymnastics. I love feeling like I am flying through the air and using my strong muscles! I feel so good doing gymnastics and every year I learn new things and get even better!”

Allyson, 10

“What makes me feel powerful is not being afraid to try new things and knowing I can be anything if I put my mind to it.”

Naomi, 6

“The most powerful thing about me is my big heart, because it helps to be nice and nice is power.”

These girls remind us how awesome it is to be female. Power may look different to everyone, but one thing's for sure: all girls have it in them. Let's keep cheering on our girls as they change the world together!

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