You need a break. These pampering products and services will make you feel totally blissed out.

"These patches are covered in a gel-like serum that feels incredibly cool and refreshing when you put them on. It's like an instant trip to the spa within the comfort of your own home." — Natalie Pike, digital marketing strategist

"Good ol' fashioned hot bath with eucalyptus and spearmint epsom salt...." — Brigida McDonald, nanny

"A really potently-scented, fancy candle with a scent that just transports you. I treated myself to this one last night and burned it when I was in the shower — so worth it." — Maressa Sylvie, writer

"Whenever I know I have a busy/exciting month coming up, I treat myself by reactivating my RTR subscription. Whether it's for a bunch of work or personal events, I love knowing that I have an unlimited closet full of clothes, dresses, and accessories to wear." — Lauren Cox, Romper senior editor, news & entertainment

"This product makes your hair silky smooth and frizz-free for up to 4-6 months, depending on how much you wash your hair. It feels effortless while getting ready in the morning since it cuts styling time and blow drying time in half. It also eliminates the need to use other frizz products or serums." — Jamie Hrach, senior financial analyst

"I just love me a good old-fashioned mani and pedi." — Emily Zeitlin, nanny

"Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath (Cleopatra used the same ingredients) is perfect to de-stress." — Amanda Doyle

"Reading is more than an escape for me; it’s been a lifelong source of comfort, entertainment, and inspiration." — April Daniels Hussar, Romper deputy editor

"There's a variety of oils I like but what's nice about this particular brand is you can ingest many of their oils." — Liz Garcia, bilingual early childhood special educational teacher

"I love that this sugar scrub melts into an oil, leaving my skin soft, fresh, and smelling tropical. Feels great after a long day at work. My kids love getting a good scrub after a muddy flag football or soccer game too." — Meena Anand Prasad, physician

"Yes, it's Chanel and priced accordingly, but it actually makes your skin glow and smells like self-worth. Haven't looked back." — Margaret Wheeler Johnson, BDG's director of brand initiatives

"No particular brand. I just love the feeling of taking a hot shower after the kids go to bed and popping on a mask. It feels like I’m treating myself even though you can get them at Target for like $3. LOL!" — Ashley Austrew, Winnie content manager

"This may seem counterintuitive, but working out is my mental health. Knowing I can access a workout anytime, anywhere, makes me feel totally blissed out. I don’t even have to leave the house to do it." — Margie Cader, public relations executive

"I have very dry skin and only started to properly moisturize about seven years ago. I slather the cream all over my face and neck every night after showering before bed. I finish the look off with — you guessed it — Chapstick to keep my lips moisturized while I sleep. Truly a look." — Heather Taylor, Advertising Week head writer

"One sniff and I immediately relax a bit." — Melissa Thomas-Fortney, pre-school teacher

"Super hydration for super-tired skin. Gives a post-facial-like, refreshed glow. Fake it until you make it. LOL!" — Tetusko Komiyama, brand manager

"I only use this after a long day of work or have a migraine. It smells good and makes me feel fresh." — Naoko Le, nanny

"This has been my go-to mask for over a decade, and trust me, I've tried plenty of different brands. Watching it work its magic on the pores on my nose is SO satisfying." — Anne Vorrasi, Romper senior editor, lifestyle

"Sometimes after long days of sitting at the computer, I like to indulge with this moisturizer because it helps refresh my tired skin without making it feel oily." — Candace Yu, Accedo global delivery director

"After a stressful day, I love taking melatonin so I can go into a deep sleep. The next morning I feel so refreshed and ready to make some boss moves." — Frances Dumlao, Romper associate social media editor

"A nice shower and a good body scrub. This is a fave at the moment. I love it for the smell (I also will buy anything rose) but I love it even more because it moisturizes and leaves my skin feeling soft, which is a must-have in the dry LA weather." — Tiffany Hwang, senior business analyst

"Well worth the splurge. There’s a reason this product seems to make so many "Best Of" lists: It’s a perfect night oil while also adding properties of aromatherapy with its lovely lavender fragrance. I’ve experimented with other night oils but always keep coming back to this." — Liz Finkelstein, home & fashion stylist

"It makes me look like I'm not as tired as I really am." — Eleana Perez, founder and cake artist of Ele Makes Cakes

"A reformer pilates class [at East River Pilates] in the morning makes me feel *thumbs up*. It's not too overwhelming and so focused on specific areas of the body. It just stretches you out." — Amanda Dandeneau, co-founder of Wallpaper Projects

"Makes my face and pores feel so clean and fresh and it's great any time: after a shower, after the gym, Netflixing... It's like a face restart." — Asenath Nakayama, film publicist

There are few things that feel more indulgent than making time for myself — even just a few minutes. I started using the Headspace app a couple years ago and have managed to make a daily habit out of it. The effects are incredible. — Catherine Dash, stylist and florist of Shallowford Flower Co