Romper presents back to school 2020, the issue

Opinion: Schools Must Reopen This Fall, With Or Without A Children's Vaccine

by Elliot Haspel

Once adults are vaccinated, it's too risk-averse to keep school closed.

School Days

5 Simple Ways To Help Your Kids When They're Burned Out From Remote Learning

by Kelly Glass

A motto for our times: “Let it go.”


COVID Changed Schools Forever. Here's What's Good About That

by Kate Rope

It's been indescribably hard. A lot hasn't worked. But what has? And can we do more of it?

The Remote Classroom

Here's Why Your Kid Suddenly Gets Shy On Camera During Virtual School

by Ashley Jones

Lights. Camera. Silence.


Teachers Share How They Talked To Students About The Capitol Riot

by Jamie Kenney

"I did not want to ignore. "


The 13 Best Apps For Homeschoolers, According To Homeschoolers

by Jennifer Parris

Because you need all the help you can get, tbh.


Teachers Are Covering Their Faces With Stickers To Get Kids To Participate

by Jen McGuire

Every time a student participates, another sticker is added.


My First-Grader's Teacher Made Her Ask Santa To Cure COVID

by Jenny True

What was she thinking?


School Closings Were Not Inevitable. We Should All Be Furious.

by Robert P. Baird

In person school was our one bright spot. And now it's gone.

Home School

The Pandemic Taught Me How My Child Really Learns

by Nell Freudenberger

He does better at the kitchen table than in a classroom.


School Social Workers Are Begging Us To Remember Their Vital Role

by Nikkya Hargrove

Grief, loss of employment, lack of housing, food insecurity: This is the worst time for school social workers to be limited in what they can do for kids.


Opinion: The Best Of The Bad Options Is In-Person School For K-2 Only

by Elliot Haspel

Little kids need to be in the classroom, and we can do it safely if we keep the big ones remote.


Here's How Much You're Actually Supposed To Pay A Tutor

by Jennifer Parris

Here Are 22 Things That Surprised Parents & Teachers About School In 2020

by Ashley Ziegler

Paraprofessionals Know You're Worried, & They're On Your Side

by Lindsay E. Mack

How Much Parents Spent On Back-To-School 2020, From In-Person To Remote Costs

by Kinsey Gidick