The 2020 Romper Registry

An entire novel could be written from the texts we send friends and family during pregnancy, but one question in particular is almost overwhelming to answer: What do I need? To help, we’ve created the Romper Registry, which covers all the essentials (and a lot of nice-to-haves!) for life post-delivery.

From diapering and feeding, to postpartum care and more, we've curated the ultimate shopping list with recommendations from Romper editors and some of our favorite influencers in the parenting space. We’re featuring brands parents have trusted for years, along with newcomers making the baby gear category even better. Each piece was chosen carefully by us: parents who have been through the middle-of-the-night feedings, the epic I-can't-fold-this-stroller grocery store parking lot meltdowns, and the OMG-nobody-said-this-would-hurt-so-much moments. We hope that when you feel overwhelmed and like you “don’t know where to start,” you can reset here. It's what we'd text you if we had your phone number!

We only include products that have been independently selected by Romper's editorial team. However, we may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

01 | Baby Gear

Look, we can argue all day that all a baby really needs is something to eat and someone to hold them, but sometimes you have to pee, OK? And having a safe spot to put your baby, like in a bouncer or on a play mat, is an absolute necessity. We’ve also rounded up our favorite carriers here so you can go hands-free in the grocery store like a wild woman. (You can definitely get by with one, but we gave you some options!)

"While nursing pillows seem like an obvious must-have for breastfeeding, they can be just as essential and helpful in the following months if you choose the right one. For this reason, I love the Nook Niche Nursing Pillow — it's a great nursing pillow, but even more so as a transitional pillow for tummy time, play time, and as a safety pillow for when baby's first learning to sit up unassisted. We put our daughter (Roma) on her tummy on this pillow and she enjoyed tummy time so much more. Then, we'd use it as a safe, comfortable spot for her to lay down (slightly elevated, which was great for her at first because she had a little reflux) for playtime in the first couple of months. Then, as she started sitting up around months four and five, we'd sit her nestled in the pillow so if she fell to the side or backwards, the pillow would catch her! Can't recommend this pillow enough!" — Ali Maffucci, founder & CEO of @inspiralized

"The great thing about baby wearing is that it just makes it easier to do everything, from folding laundry to going to the bathroom. I love the Solly wrap because it comes in the cutest patterns, it’s super soft, it’s easy to wash (accidents happen!) and quick to dry, and you can literally use it from the time your baby is a newborn until they are too heavy for you to carry them." — Anne Vorrasi, Romper senior lifestyle editor

02 | Diapering

Everyone expects an epic blowout or two (did you know babies can poop to their shoulders?), but this list goes beyond the copious amount of wipes you'll need. We have some sensitive water wipes for a super gentle touch, as well as a great diaper bag that you won’t mind toting around for the next, oh, 2.5 years. Bonus: we’ve got every type of ointment your baby’s (super cute little) bum could possibly need.

"My son was getting diaper rashes every few weeks this summer from heat. It started to clear up immediately when we applied Aquaphor to it. Miracle worker for a tiny sweaty baby bum!" — Meredith Ulmer, Romper senior social media editor

"This changing pad has lasted me through two babies already, and is still in great condition. Bonus: it's super easy to wipe down if a blowout goes above and beyond." — Samantha Darby, Romper lifestyle editor

03 | Bath Time

Babies — while surprisingly sturdy! — are pretty slippery, so we went ahead and thought about every possible item that can help bath time be a more fun and relaxing moment. We gave you two options for bathing slightly more upright babies (including an inflatable tub for the flopping fish stage of babydom) and our favorite fun and useful accessories.

"I wanted to make sure I have products that last beyond the newborn stage in my baby registry. The Moby Bath Set has been part of our daily bathing routine for over three years now. Love the bright and cute whale design for my son's bathroom. The bath kneeler and elbow support are extremely useful. I recommend cleaning them once in a while to avoid mold." — Arushi Garg, @the_snazzy _mom

"We got the Cloud Island Hooded Towels as a gift and still use them with our 18-month-old. They're great for transportation from tub to changing table. They dry really fast and look cute hanging in our bathroom!" — Meredith Ulmer, Romper senior social media editor

04 | Clothes & Accessories

Your parents and in-laws and grandparents and friends and random co-workers will buy you all the fancy clothes. This list here includes our favorite bodysuits, sweet pajamas (with zips for those bleary nighttime clean-ups!), and coming home outfits for your babe. Cute doesn’t have to be complicated — especially when you’re changing clothes so often. (We mentioned the shoulder poop, right?)

"We LOVE BapronBaby for so many reasons — it's the only bib we recommend! It fits 6 months through 3T and kids actually like to wear it because it ties around the back, not the neck. It's waterproof, washable, and dries quickly. Throw it in your diaper bag for restaurants, and when you take it out it will look nice every time! Plus, the patterns are adorable. We also like that it's made by a mom in Arizona and sewn in the USA!" — Megan McNamee & Judy Delaware, co-owners of Feeding Littles

05 | Feeding

Breastfeeding, formula feeding, combo-feeding: Look, whatever keeps your baby happy and healthy — and you sane — is fine by us. That's why this category covers all different feeding scenarios. Our favorite pumps, nursing bras, and gels to take care of chapped nipples are here, but so is a formula mixer (so you can fix bottles while you’re still in bed), bottle brushes, and our tried and true bottles.

"These glass baby bottles are beautiful, yes, but they're also incredibly durable and versatile. You can use them as baby bottles, then transition them into sippy cups once your baby is a toddler, then into storage containers once they're bigger. We've been using the same set for seven years and they look as good as new!" — Amy Palanjian, creator of

"I fully didn't expect just how many pieces of bottles and pumps we'd be washing and drying each day, and this larger size of the popular bottle drying rack has been a lifesaver. Bonus: The all-white color looks great in our kitchen and will work as a drying rack for kids bottles for years to come." — Amy Palanjian, creator of

"These self-feeding spoons are the perfect size for your baby's hands and allow them to put yogurt, oatmeal, applesauce, smashed avocado, or other smooth/pureed foods in their mouth! They also double as teethers to help babies develop their jaw strength and chew with their back gums." — Megan McNamee & Judy Delaware, co-owners of Feeding Littles

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06 | Nursery/Sleep

Not everybody has a full nursery dedicated to baby, but no matter where your little one’s “room” will be, you’ll be happy to have some of our favorite sleep supplies. We have monitors, crib sheets, hampers, and mobiles on the list, as well as the perfect glider for all of those Instagram-worthy moments. You’ll never forget rocking your baby to sleep, so you might as well do it in a comfy, beautiful chair. (Paris filter is totally optional.)

"When we had our first baby, Luca, we were just looking for a minimalist pack and play. The Lotus Travel Crib is truly that — easy to set up, easy to fold on-the-go, easy to store, and as chic looking as a pack and play can be! When we found out we were pregnant with our daughter, Roma, and that we were going to keep her in our room in our two-bedroom apartment, we simply bought the Bassinet Kit extension and we used it by my bedside until we were ready to transition her to a crib. She slept phenomenally in this bassinet, had no issues with crib transitioning, and we still can use it as a pack and play for her! I love products that are efficient and multi-purpose like that — it makes this mom of two's life easier!" — Ali Maffucci, founder & CEO of @inspiralized

"My daughter Maci could only ever fall asleep if she was covered, so we absolutely had to have a wearable blanket. The Kyte Baby Sleep Bag saved us from many sleepless nights and is the first thing I always recommend!" — Meg Boggs, @meg.boggs

07 | Toys & Books

OK, so maybe your baby is still trying to get their eyes to focus when you first come home, but eventually you’ll want some just-right toys and books. These are some of our favorite things to fill a home with, but we’re keeping it simple with developmental toys, sweet loveys, activity gyms, and book options: some that are meant to be chewed on, and some that are meant to introduce your baby to the classics. (And will also probably be chewed on.)

“Babies can start independent play (supervised of course!) the moment they come home. This mat supports that so beautifully and starts baby on the path to learning through play. It includes some toys, a mirror, and folds up when not in use, plus the price point also makes it affordable for all families.” — Susie Allison, creator of

“Babies see high contrast best in the early months, so a black and white book is an absolute must. We can start reading with baby on Day 1 and begin that love affair with books even in the newborn stage.” — Susie Allison, creator of

08 | Transportation

This can be the most daunting part of a baby registry, but to get you started on the basics, we’ve rounded up our favorites. There are luxury stroller options, quick on-the-go stroller options, ones that convert into a double, and all the fun doodads like cup holders and hooks to keep your diaper bag within easy reach. For car seats, we have options that will take your kid all the way through elementary school, as well as picks that come with a stroller and bassinet attachment. Let’s (literally) roll, baby.

"All my life, I wanted an old-fashioned English pram for my children. And then I realized those weren't going to be very practical in the suburbs of Georgia when I needed to fold it up into my minivan. But the Joolz Hub had all the things I loved about the style of a pram, with all the easy convenience. (People literally stop me in parking lots to ask me about our Joolz Hub when they see me fold it up in two seconds.) It also reclines completely flat so your baby can snooze comfortably." — Samantha Darby, Romper lifestyle editor

09 | First Aid

This isn’t your Girl Scouts’ first aid kit — this list is a great way to stock your medicine cabinet and keep your baby healthy and happy. We have the normal things like nail clippers, snot-suckers, toot-makers for gassy babies, and thermometers, but we’ve also included a sun hat to protect baby’s eyes and skin, eczema lotion for those dry patches, and even gas drops for extremely fussy nights.

"My must-have registry item for a new mom would hands down be the NoseFrida. I tried and failed so many other snot suckers, but the NoseFrida was the most reliable and hygienic of them all." — Onyi Azih, mom & lifestyle blogger, @sincerelyonyi

"Our babies are born with pristine skin and I believe there is no greater preventative care than the shade these cute hats provide." — Janet Manley, Romper deputy editor

10 | Postpartum Care

Hey, a newborn isn’t the only “new” thing around here. Your body may be feeling a certain kind of way, and we know how to make you feel comfortable. Ice packs, mesh undies, and perineal spray are listed here, as well as the world’s comfiest pants (that are also cute enough to wear out to the store for snacks), and a great cookbook featuring recipes that are meant to be frozen and reheated so you can focus on important things, like snuggles and Netflix.

"File under things I did not know I would need, let alone come to believe dispensed the healing waters of Lourdes. This is a gentle tool for the other side of a rough adventure." — Janet Manley, Romper deputy editor

"I'm a big believer in soft pants all the time, but I also like pants that make me feel good. These nomad joggers are actual perfection. Cute enough to wear out on a walk or a Target run, but also super soft and comfy, and the waistband is great for C-section scars, too." — Samantha Darby, Romper lifestyle editor

11 | General

Gas drops and car seat bases aren’t exactly fun to buy, but everything in this category is. Here’s where we’ve included sweet items like your baby’s first stuffed bunny, a gorgeous keepsake box for all those things you’ll want to save forever (Hospital bracelets! The tiny striped hat! Their coming home outfit!), and a gorgeous view of how the night sky looked on your baby’s birthday. Basically, these are the things to help preserve this incredible time in your life.

"What a beautiful way to memorialize the moment your life changed for the better and forever. This is a keepsake that your baby will never outgrow." — April Daniels Hussar, Romper managing editor

"One of the very first things anyone bought for my second daughter was this little bunny. It sat in its cute box on the shelf until she was born, and now at 18 months old, she still totes it around. It's the perfect size, and has such a comforting little weight to it." — Samantha Darby, Romper lifestyle editor

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