We created Body Builders, Romper’s inaugural issue, to acknowledge and celebrate not just the physical transformation that comes with being a mom, but how motherhood creates new knowledge of our bodies and, in some ways, new selves.

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How having a baby actually transforms women's bodies — and how they feel about it.

Dear Jenny: How Can We Make Mother's Day Suck Less?

Our resident advice-giver-outer Jenny True provides shouty, full-hearted answers to your niggling questions about pregnancy and parenthood in her column What The Actual. Warning: This is not a baby-and-me singalong, this is about yelling into the cos…
By Jenny True

On Broadway, Caissie Levy Is Elsa. At Home, She's Mom.

As all mothers know, strength can arrive in forms you don't expect. It can look like giving birth to your son six weeks early via an emergency c-section. It can also, it turns out, manifest as the ability to perform before a live audience night after…
By Allison Piwowarski

'90s Overalls Are The Only Thing New Moms Should Wear To Chase Waterfalls

Let’s be very, very honest about this — pregnancy and childbirth change your body. Regardless of what tabloid headlines about celebrities’ post-baby bodies and Instagram #fitspo posts might tell you, the reality is that your body’s going to look and …
By Janet Manley

Here's What Med Students Actually Learn About Pregnancy — And What They Don't

By the time a pregnant woman has her baby, she is likely to have become a partial expert in topics like c-section interventions, preeclampsia, analgesia, episiotomies, skin-to-skin contact, cervical effacement, hep-locks, caffeine consumption, and th…
By Jenna Flannigan

New Moms Have Two Options: Be "Sad & Fat" Or "Desperate & Thin"

As the line goes, the worst thing you could say about me, I've already thought about myself. In the early postpartum period with my son, it was: "I am overweight, lonely, and heartbroken." It was four days after I brought my son into the world, and I…
By Danielle Campoamor

This Body Has Carried 3 Of My Own Babies, & 2 Of Someone Else's

I have given birth to five babies. Three of my own, and two surrogate babies (twins). I was the first one of my friends to get pregnant and have a baby. Back then, I was single and 23 years young and knew nothing about the female body or what happens…
By Tiffany Burke

Maysa Washington Took Being An SVU Detective In Stride. Then She Had A Daughter.

Motherhood is inherently unpredictable: schedules change, toddlers tantrum, last-minute meetings are scheduled, someone needs stitches, diaper blowouts happen. On any given day for Detective Maysa Washington of the Newark Police Department, emergenci…
By Danielle Campoamor

My Postpartum Seamless Order, Annotated

By Janet Manley

7 Ways To Call Out Mom Shaming, According To A Psychotherapist

If you’re a mom or have ever been pregnant, you’ve probably been mom shamed. It happens far too often, and unfortunately it's often from other moms. It’s frustrating because moms should be lifting each other up and empowering each other as women, not…
By Abi Berwager Schreier

27 Moms Share The Way They Satisfied Their Sweet & Salty Craving During Pregnancy

To me, cravings are the weirdest pregnancy symptom by far. I desired — and actually ate — so many odd food, drink, and flavor combinations that I know I would never eat at any other moment in my life. For example, I craved sweet and salty things when…
By Steph Montgomery

17 Real Breastfeeding Questions On Lumps, Pumping Laws, & More, Answered By An Expert

Breastfeeding can be a hard, isolating, and emotional journey, which is why it's so important to have support. That's why Romper launched a Facebook breastfeeding community, Breastfeeding TBH — to help make feeding another human being with your own b…
By Samantha Darby