"Parenthood can tangle with grief and loss. Disability can include joy and abundance. And goddammit — disabled parents exist. We get to be both. We always get to be both."

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My Disabled Body Prepared Me For Motherhood Like Nothing Else Could

Disability and parenting are often imagined as two incompatible experiences, but they inform and enrich each other.

by Rebekah Taussig


As A Mom With MS, I Struggled With Crushing Guilt

And then I got a text message that dissolved all of my self-doubt.

by Lindsay Karp

My Wordless Days With My Son Are Filled With Love

My son and I have autism. He shows me love in so many ways, and none of them include speech.

by Tiffany Hammond
the unruly pancreas

My Chronic Illness Forced Me To Parent With Grace

Type 1 Diabetes taught me things about being a human that now I am teaching my son.

by Hannah Matthews

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Strike A Pose

Paralympian Brenna Huckaby & Mom Of Two Honored As “Legend” In SI Swimsuit Issue

by Jamie Kenney

The gold-medalist snowboarder says she channeled the confidence of every model who’s come after her.


Early Intervention Made Me Feel Like I Needed To Be “Fixed”

by Anna Zivarts

When my son was born with my disability, I wanted a different narrative for him.


James Catchpole Has One Leg, Two Kids, And A Very Charming Children’s Book

by Katie McPherson

What Happened To You? helps kids navigate disability with grace and humor.


What Does OT Look Like For A 3yo With Mild Cerebral Palsy?

by Anne Vorrasi

Shopping list: dried beans, play-dough, Q-Tips, and broken crayons.

Fathers & Daughters

“Yes, Autism Is A Disability. And Being Disabled Is Not Bad.”

by Matt Villano and Sage Villano

A father-daughter conversation.


How To Survive The IEP Process, From A Special Ed Teacher Who Knows

by Seth Miller

Academic or behavioral supports exist for a reason, but they exist as rusty cogs in a vast, arcane machine.


Disney Junior Series Tells Inspiring Story About Girl With Spina Bifida In New Episode

by Jamie Kenney

Firebuds is highlighting the power of disability representation in a series of new episodes.

Representation Matters

Chelsea Doll With Scoliosis Is The Newest Inclusive Barbie Doll

by Samantha Darby

Over 100,000 children are diagnosed with scoliosis in the U.S. each year, and now they can feel represented.


Fitness Influencers To Follow If The Word ‘Fitfluencer’ Makes You Want To Die

by Meaghan O'Connell

Because you don’t have to hate your body to enjoy moving it.


Where To Find Adaptive Clothing For Kids

by Jennifer Parris

They’re thoughtfully designed.