13 Netflix Movies To Watch On Valentine's Day That'll Bring Out The Hopeless Romantic In You
by Shannon Fiedler

Certain holidays are made for movies. Horror films on Halloween, Christmas movies all December long, and romantic comedies on Valentine's Day. And if your plans for Feb. 14 involve curling up on the couch — with or without a significant other — than you’re in luck. Thanks to the powers of streaming, there are plenty of Netflix movies to watch on Valentine’s Day while you devour that large box of heart-shaped candies.

There are, of course, many classic romances to choose from. Films like The Titanic or When Harry Met Sally immediately come to mind, but chances are you've already seen these movies so many times you can practically recite them from beginning to end. And, even more importantly, they're not available on Netflix.

This begs the question: which romantic movies are available to stream on Netflix? Many. So many, in fact, that it can be overwhelming to weed through them all to find the best ones. That's where this list can come in handy. Comprised of 13 of the best Valentine’s Day movies to watch on Netflix, any one of these films is a great pick to watch with your significant other, your best friends, or on your own.


'Shakespeare In Love'

Can it get anymore romantic than Shakespeare In Love? Telling the complicated (fictional) romance behind the world's most famous romance, Romeo and Juliet, this movie will have you swooning.


'Practical Magic'

It would be nice to be a witch — to simply write out every characteristic of your dream guy and then have him walk right into your life.


'Roman Holiday'

This classic has everything you want in a romance: a European city, a princess, a love-at-first-sight meet-cute, and Audrey Hepburn.


'The Switch'

For something a little more funny and a little less sappy (although if ever there was a time for sappy, it's Valentine's Day), The Switch is a romantic comedy, emphasis on the comedy.



What better day than Feb. 14 to muse on the possibility of destiny, soulmates and serendipity?



If you're spending V-Day with your kids, Anastasia is the perfect fairy tale about an unexpected romance.


'Notting Hill'

"I'm just a girl, sitting in front of the TV, asking Netflix to love me."


'Pride & Prejudice'

We're all just looking for our own Mr. Darcy, aren't we?


'The English Patient'

This Academy Award winner for Best Picture is a beautifully mastered and elegant romance. Have your tissues ready.



Another family-friendly movie, this cartoon reminds us that romance is rarely predictable, and sometimes you can fall in love with the most unlikely of people.


'Kate & Leopold'

This fun, fish-out-of-water story shows that even space and time cannot deter true love.


'Moonrise Kingdom'

What could be more charming than a romance about two 12-year-old runaways? Even better, it's a Wes Anderson film, so it's sure to be beautiful, fun and definitely quirky.


'I Hate Valentine's Day'

The title may seem cynical, but you'll have to wait and see what sparks occur between two anti-relationship characters before you write off the holiday and the prospect of love entirely.