A scene from 'Grey's Anatomy' season 14 with meredith stuck in an elevator
'Grey's Anatomy' Is Returning With The Conclusion To That Massive Cliffhanger

After a brief winter hiatus, everyone’s favorite Seattle surgeons are returning as Grey’s Anatomy resumes airing. If you’re a true fan, chances are you spent the time off dreaming up theories for when Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 returns (with three extra episodes!). Because the windstorm has left several of the main characters trapped in elevators.

Remember how important elevators were in the early seasons? George first proved himself to be a competent intern in one, and all of Derek and Meredith’s “moments” seemed to take place in them. Elevators essentially equal sexual tension and potential death — both of which are on the table in the Season 15 midseason premiere as not one, not two, but three elevators full of our central characters are stuck. The windstorm sent a powerline crashing so the hospital is effectively shut down.

Obviously, we’ve seen this kind of thing happen before — remember the time Richard Webber almost died in the basement? Of course, there will be some reason or another why a backup generator isn’t working, though how they don’t have multiple at this point is beyond me. This is Grey Sloan Memorial, a hospital literally named after two of the many doctors who have died from their jobs there. We’re way beyond bad luck here.

To recap: Bailey and the intern who is in love with Meredith, who goes by the nickname Hellmouth, are stuck in one elevator with a recently deceased patient whose organs are going to be used to save Cece, a matchmaker by trade who took a special interest in Meredith. (Cece’s also lying prepped on the operating table which isn’t great.) That’s the C story, though. The B story is the love triangle of Owen, Teddy, and Amelia, which has finally come to a head as the three are trapped in their own elevator (with a man with glass stuck in his heart) and Owen is about to tell his ex-wife/current girlfriend Amelia that Teddy is pregnant with his baby (a fact he just found out about). And finally, there’s Meredith, which brings me to my first theory...

Meredith Is Going To Hook Up With Someone — And My Money Is On DeLuca


Guys, the chemistry here is undeniable. Honestly, I was one of the early skeptics of Greyluca (I have no idea what their couple name is). He and Maggie had a cute thing going, and I know things get borderline incestuous at Grey Sloan Memorial, but sleeping with the guy your sister was with? A bit too far in my opinion.

But against all odds, Meredith and DeLuca have a nice vibe going on. And now that he’s shared his feelings, and they’re trapped in an elevator… something is going to happen. And truthfully, I think it’s going to continue once they get out.

But Link Isn’t Going To Give Up That Easily


You’ll recall Meredith agreed to have drinks with the hot new ortho guy shortly before she and DeLuca were trapped, and though things will clearly transpire in the elevator, I don’t think Link is going to let that discourage him. He doesn’t seem like the type to pursue Meredith if she isn’t interested, but, as we’ve seen, he is persistent.

Owen Is Going To Stay With Amelia — For Now

My personal belief is that Owen and Teddy are endgame. She’s been the consistent person in his life for so many years, taking a backseat to Cristina, and now Amelia. Teddy deserves to be someone’s first choice, and I think Owen will get there — eventually.

But for now, he and Amelia are making things work. I’m not a huge fan of Owen and Amelia. I watched Private Practice, and her transition to Grey’s managed to drop a lot of loose ends from the sister show. I think that she will be unhappy but ultimately accept that Teddy and Owen are going to raise a baby together, but it will end up being too much. I want them to stick with the whole Amelia-doesn’t-want-a-baby thing, since it doesn’t seem like she’s connecting too much with Leo (I could be wrong though). I think in the end, Teddy and Owen will get their happily ever after, but not just yet.

Schmitt Will Stop Being So Angry Now That He’s Done The Dirty


To be frank, I’m kind of annoyed that Grey’s made its first gay pairing an angry intern and a new doc who is severely lacking in personality. Don’t get me wrong, Nico Kim is hot, probably the hottest the show has brought on in years. But he hasn’t shown me yet that he can carry a plot.

Schmitt, on the other hand, is just frustrating. He’s so unhappy all of the time. I like that his coming out story is unique: He’s not ashamed of being gay, and he doesn’t have trouble admitting it, he just doesn’t have any real sexual experience. Now that he and Dr. Kim have had some passionate windstorm sex in an ambulance, I sincerely hope that they both become more enjoyable characters. Viewers have had to wait 15 years for this pairing. They deserve a couple worth rooting for.

Bailey Is Going To Step Back Into The Chief Role


I know there’s another couple or two to address, but I honestly don’t care that much about Jackson and Maggie, and Jolex is clearly just fine. I’d rather step away from the romance, and get back to the (arguably) best character on the show: Miranda Bailey.

As the wise Dr. Webber pointed out, Bailey’s been going about things all wrong. She took a sabbatical from being the chief and from her marriage apparently. But it’s not going to last — she knows where and with whom she belongs. Bailey is going to get back to being the chief she was born to be, and, after solving the power outage crisis, Webber will head to Los Angeles to be with his ailing wife (this guy can’t catch a break in the romance department). Once things are back under Bailey’s control, Grey Sloan can finally rest — at least, until the next disaster strikes.

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