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9 Movies To Watch When You Want To Laugh Out Loud
by Lindsay E. Mack

Movies can serve as tremendous tools for education. And sure, some days you’re up for a four hour documentary about serious social issues. But on other days, a lighthearted comedy is exactly what you need. Hey, sometimes you just want to turn off your brain for a bit. Fortunately, there are tons of movies to watch when you just want to laugh. These flicks are the reason popcorn was invented.

Silly comedies can help you chill better than almost anything else. Whether they’re making fun of the wedding industry, complicated relationships, or even life itself, a good comedy can help you forget about your own problems for a couple of hours. If you’re trying to recover from a stressful week or just want to kick back with your friends and share some laughs, your next favorite funny movie is just a click away.

So when you don’t have the emotional energy to invest in yet another seven-season TV series, these movies can entertain you for an afternoon with no commitment involved. Of course, some of them are worth watching time and again (especially the musicals), and there’s no harm in knowing every line to a silly film. Hit play and get ready to laugh.



You can watch this a dozen times and crack up with every viewing. It's a sometimes-crude, always-hysterical look at the wedding industry and how a handful of bridesmaids cope with dress shopping, overzealous decor, and the threat of losing a BFF.

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'Pitch Perfect'

This comedy about an all-girl acapella singing group will make you want to start your own version of The Bellas. Plus, the soundtrack will be stuck in your head for days afterward.

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'21 Jump Street'

Sure, remakes can be dicey, but the 2012 version of 21 Jump Street is pretty great. After all, who hasn't thought about getting a second shot at high school?

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'Last Holiday'

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This flick takes the "bucket list" plot and makes it charming and hilarious. Georgia Byrd is determined to try everything, from world travel to bungee jumping, in three short weeks.

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'Mamma Mia!'

It has gorgeous scenery, beautiful actors, and ABBA music. This is the definition of a silly comedy.

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You can't go wrong with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. They play sisters of a certain age who return to their childhood home for a final party.

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'Think Like A Man'

This film puts a new spin on the romantic comedy. Four women use the same relationship book to influence their partners' behavior. But when the men catch on, a spirited battle of the sexes ensues.

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It's an irreverent look at baby-making. When a straight woman and her best friend — a gay man — decide to have a baby together, they have to navigate an entirely new world of relationships, sex, and family.

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I mean, you can't go wrong with Ron Burgundy. The adventures of this anchorman just never get old.

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