"Abbott Elementary" is a goldmine for baby names.
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8 Baby Names Inspired By Abbott Elementary

For when you want your bb to have the confidence of Ava.

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Name your baby after your favorite teacher from Abbott Elementary! This Emmy-winning show has hilarious characters and memorable moments that double as super cute baby names. Check out our top eight favorite in the slides ahead.

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Jacob is a name of Hebrew origin, with popularity as a Bible name (and a Twilight-inspired name!). It’s also listed as the #24 most popular baby name for 2021. But to us, it’s just an adorably dorky teacher who is surprisingly good at Desking.
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Melissa is a Greek name that means “bee.” It is ranked #372 on the baby names chart, but it should be hire. After all, at Abbott Elementary, Melissa is a firecracker red-head with a good heart (who always knows a guy).
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Alley is a really cool way to spell Allie. It is a name with Celtic origin that means “little rock” or “harmony.” While the name with this spelling isn’t ranked, Allie with an ie is ranked #411. It’s cute, quirky, and different!


Barbara (ranked #911) is a sophisticated female name — it’s Barbie doll’s name, after all! — that would be perfect for your baby. Sweater outfits not required.
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Gregory means “vigilant” and “watchful,” something that new teacher Gregory definitely is. It’s ranked #486 on the popularity chart, so your son might not have to share his name with a classmate. There is a chance he won’t like pizza, though.
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Johnson (not ranked) literally means “son of John,” and the practicality is why we love it (and Mr. Johnson!). Maybe if you name your son Johnson, he will love keeping things clean around the house. Fingers crossed!


Ava is a name fit for a queen — or at least an elementary school principal. This English name is ranked #5 and means, “to breathe, to live.” Yeah, that fits. Your daughter will be a TikTok star before you know it!
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ABC/ Gilles Mingasson


Janine (not ranked) is a leader. This name has an English origin and derives from Jane. It would be a lovely choice for a girl, especially for if you are hoping to pass on the personality of an optimistic, helpful teacher beloved by all.

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