Alex Levy, Jason Craig and Lizzy Craig in "The Morning Show"
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Who Is Alex Levy’s Daughter On The Morning Show?

You may have forgotten about Lizzy since the last season, because honestly, it seems like sometimes Alex does too.

Note: Spoilers for The Morning Show Season 3 are ahead!

The Morning Show is back on Apple TV+ with its third season, and it’s an intense one. Between Cory Ellison trying to get the company bought out, Bradley Jackson struggling with a family secret, and a company-wide cybersecurity hack, a lot has already happened. As all of these other storylines are unfolding, you probably forgot Alex Levy is a mother of a daughter named Lizzy.

In Episode 2, Season 3 of The Morning Show, Alex makes a casual mention of her daughter. The episode essentially recreates the 2014 Sony hack — none of the characters know what’s happening when the lights in the building get cut and the producers all suddenly get locked in the editing rooms. It becomes clear that they’ve been hacked, so the higher-ups at the network attempt to gather everyone’s devices to determine which ones have been compromised. This is when viewers are reminded that Alex has a daughter because she mentions that Lizzy uses her desktop computer (also a potential target of the hack) for schoolwork when she’s home. At another point in the episode, Alex calls Lizzy and gets no response.

In total, Lizzy has appeared in seven episodes of The Morning Show, and it’s is unclear if she’ll be included in Season 3 beyond her mom mentioning her occasionally. But until then, here’s what else you need to know about Alex’s daughter Lizzy.

Who is Alex Levy’s daughter on The Morning Show?

Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) has one daughter, Lizzy Craig (Oona Roche), with her ex-husband Jason (Jack Davenport). She’s a high school student at a boarding school somewhere close to their home in New York City, and the scenes she has generally show that she’s pretty angry with her TV anchor mom’s actions during issues shown with both family and work.

Back in Season 1, Jason and Alex were in the middle of their divorce. When they talk with Lizzy about it, she blames Alex’s career and her relationship with Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell), who had just been removed as Alex’s co-anchor because of the sexual assault allegations. Lizzy was shocked when, later in the season, Alex and Bradley (Reese Witherspoon) revealed to their audience that Fred Micklen (Tom Irwin), former president of UBA network, covered up Mitch’s behavior. This is one of the few moments in the series where Lizzy shows a sense of pride toward her mom.

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Why doesn’t Lizzy live with Alex?

Lizzy is enrolled in a boarding school in upstate New York. During Season 1, Episode 7 where Alex and Jason discussed their divorce with her, she was actually visiting the city on a trip with her school. She decided to stay home to attend the award show where her mom would announce that Bradley would be taking over Mitch’s position, something she told Lizzy she did to “take control.”

During the second season, when the show portrays the beginning of the pandemic, Alex gets Covid. Lizzy doesn’t come home despite living in a dorm. Since it seems like she prefers her dad to her mom, it’s safe to assume she chose to quarantine with him.

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Alex Levy and her daughter don’t seem to have a close relationship.

Besides the divorce and Lizzy being at boarding school, away from both her parents, Lizzy and Alex don’t seem all the close. When Lizzy went back to school after the discussion about the divorce, she was still angry with Alex, and Alex visited her to try and make up. Later in Season 1, Episode 7, they end up getting into a heated argument in which Alex tells Lizzy that her “big, fat forehead” caused her to have to be “surgically stitched back together” after she gave birth to her. Yikes.

So, Alex may have mentioned Lizzy during the Season 3 hack episode, but it’s unclear if her character will make an appearance in this new season. If she does, it seems pretty likely that some sort of argument will unravel.