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Helga and her friends dress up as aliens in 'Hey Arnold'
10 Kids’ TV Shows With Episodes About Aliens, Because They’re Having A Moment

The truth is out there!

Aliens are having a moment right now — it happens every few years, in our experience — and whether or not you believe in life beyond our little blue and green marble you have to admit that the thought is pretty fun. You know who else thinks so? Children’s shows. So we’ve rounded up some of our very favorite kids’ show episodes about aliens, from classic shows from the ’90s to fresh new series.

Alien episodes of children’s shows tend to fall into one of two categories: whimsical good fun or skeptical cautionary tales. More often than not, an “alien episode,” usually turns out to be a much ado about nothing situation, where characters imaginations get the better of them and everyone learns to be more discerning about where they’re getting their information. (Honestly, it feels like a particularly relevant lesson to teach kids in the modern media landscape, aliens or no aliens.) But in other episodes, the aliens present either an exciting, silly break from reality or a spooky look into worlds beyond our own. Whatever the vibe, alien episodes, especially in kids shows, are just a delightful romp.

Enjoy these out of this world episodes as a family. (Come on: you knew we had to do it...)

Bluey: “Space”

Mackenzie processes his feelings through play.Disney+

Season 3, Episode 35

In this episode, Rusty, Jack, and Mackenzie are playing space explorers. But Mackenzie, the chief scientist, keeps going missing. No one quite understands why he keeps revisiting the idea of being left behind, but the answer may lie in the exploration of a black hole, where certain otherworldly beings await.

Stream “Space,” rated TV-Y, on Disney+.

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants in Space: “The Disturbing Dilemma of the Dysfunctional Doppelgangers”

Alien dopplegangers?! Sign us up.Netflix

Season 1, Episode 4

George and Harold make comic books... which always have the odd habit of coming to life. In this episode, they imagine an alien world full of blue-skinned copies of themselves. But on this planet, kids rule: literally! And wouldn’t you know it? Everyone is happier with this arrangement including the adults... or are they?

Stream “The Disturbing Dilemma of the Dysfunctional Doppelgangers,” rated TV-Y7, on Netflix.

Brainchild: “Space”

Aliens? Well, let’s approach this scientifically.Netflix

Season 1, Episode 5

This science explores kids’ most burning science questions, and poses a few that most audiences probably hadn’t even thought of before. This episode explores all things space, from what movies get wrong about space to whether aliens are a possibility or just some more science fiction.

Stream “Space,” rated T-G, on Netflix.

Craig of the Creek: “Jextra Perrestrial”

Has their friend been an alien this whole time?Hulu

Season 1, Episode 30

J.P. has always been quirky, but an off-handed comment from his older sister has him, and his friends, wondering if, in fact, he might actually be something other than human. After a battery of tests and observations, Craig and Kelsey have no doubt: he’s definitely an alien. But can they protect him from the machinations of the Forrest Scouts?

Stream “Jextra Perrestrial,” rated TV-Y7, on Hulu.

Hey Arnold: “Arnold’s Halloween”

Arnold and Gerald’s shenanigans go awry in this fun Halloween episode.Paramount+

Season 2, Episode 20

This episode of Hey Arnold is an homage to the classic War of the Worlds radio broadcast. When Arnold and Gerald decide to play a prank on Halloween, proclaiming an alien invasion, things get way, way out of hand.

Stream Hey Arnold, rated TV-Y, on Paramount+.

Dinosaurs: “We Are Not Alone”

Roy and Earl have an out of this world experience.Disney+

Season 3, Episode 20

This classic ‘90s series deserves all the love, including for this alien episode! Robbie is dismayed that his family lacks his commitment to environmentalism, especially his dad, Early, who works clearing forest for the giant WESAYSO Corporation. But when Earl encounters an alien from the planet Chiron demanding he commit himself to saving the planet, he turns over a new leaf and begins campaigning for the environment... but not all is as it seems.

Stream “We Are Not Alone,” rated TV-PG, on Disney+.

Gravity Falls: “Dipper and Mabel Vs. the Future”

What kind of future does Dipper want...?Disney+

Season 2, Episode 17

The bad news about this alien episode is that you kind of have to watch the whole series in order to enjoy it. The good news? Gravity Falls is truly excellent, family-friendly entertainment that everyone can enjoy. In this episode, Dipper and his sister Mabel are about to turn 13. But while Mabel plans a party, Dipper and his great-uncle Ford travel to an alien crash site — Crash Site Omega — to uncover an important truth about Gravity Falls.

Stream “Dipper and Mabel Vs. the Future,” rated TV-Y7, on Disney+.

Creeped Out: “Spaceman”

Things are not always what they seem...Netflix

Season 1, Episode 10

This spooky British anthology series is a worthy inheritor of Are You Afraid of the Dark — spooky enough for kids to get a shiver, but probably not nightmares. In this episode, friends Spud and Thomas go for walk through the woods looking for a den, but find themselves discovering an alien spaceship... and its pilot!

Stream “Spaceman,” rated TV-PG, on Netflix.

The Simpsons: “The Springfield Files”

“Don’t be afraid...” “Ahhhhh!”Disney+

Season 8, Episode 10

In this late-‘90s crossover episode, the Simpsons meet Agents Mulder and Scully from the FBI after Homer claims to have seen an alien in the woods. Though the residents of Springfield are initially skeptical of the town’s oaf, eventually they all get swept up in alien fever and start staking out where this glowing green creature has been known to appear.

Stream “The Springfield Files,” rated TV-14, on Disney+.

Steven Universe: (Pretty Much All Of Them)

Steven and his guardians must defend the world from aliens... again and again.Hulu

We couldn’t really pick one episode of this show about aliens because they’re all about aliens. Steven’s mom was one of the Crystal Gems, ageless alien warriors. She’s gone now, but her friends, Amythest, Pearl, and Garnet help raise him from their ancient beachside temple in Beach City, and also protect humanity from hostile aliens. It’s a really compelling, funny, sweet show about growing up... and also aliens.

Stream Steven Universe, rated TV-PG, on Hulu.

Keep watching the skies, folks... and until then have fun watching these kids’ show episodes about aliens!