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Charlotte’s Flustered Reaction To Being Walked In On During *You Know* Was So Relatable

Nobody wants to see their parents like that....

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Charlotte York Goldenblatt’s life as a mom and a wife converge in a super awkward situation on HBO Max’s And Just Like That..., and the fallout from that moment has a real ring of truth.

If you’re not caught up on the Sex and the City reboot be warned, spoilers for Episode 8 ahead.


Charlotte and Harry were trying to enjoy a little loving marital time in their ensuite bathroom in Episode 8 when the worst happened. Their 15-year-old daughter Lily walked in to see her mom on her knees in front of her dad, whose pants were unzipped.

Charlotte slams the door in her daughter’s face, hitting her in the nose. “Did she see us?” Harry asks. “She definitely saw us,” Charlotte replies.

How does she explain what Lily just saw to her daughter? “I was checking your daddy’s penis for cancer.”

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Charlotte tells Miranda and Carrie that she “had this whole parenting philosophy where I wanted to normalize sex so my kids would never feel weird about it the way I did growing up.” Now she’s worried that in “one violent impulse, I ruined everything.”

Carrie recommends that Charlotte tell Lily that she “panicked because of the way you were brought up,” and suggests she take her to lunch to “reframe it.”

Charlotte agrees and decides to take Lily to lunch. Where she discovers Lily has her own little secret.

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At lunch, Charlotte discovered her daughter’s private Instagram account on her phone. Charlotte gets upset about a photo in “sexy workout wear and what is that look in your eye and who is ‘Colin55’?” They fight over privacy, and nothing gets solved.

Lily then goes to Carrie’s apartment to hang out. When Charlotte calls for advice, asking Carrie “Who is that pose for?” her friend reminds her, “Maybe it’s for Lily. She’s trying to figure something out.”

Lily spends the night so both mom and daughter can cool off.

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A night apart clearly helped them. Charlotte tells Lily, “I love that you feel comfortable in your body. And I am not trying to shame you.” She went on to explain that she didn’t feel as comfortable at 15, and that admission seems to be a breakthrough.

“Mom, that Insta is only 13 of my friends and Emily’s little brother Colin.” Charlotte says, “Oh, that does help a little.” And it seems like everything is fine until she remembers... there’s still that whole bathroom scene they need to deal with.

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Charlotte brings up the discussion again, even though “I realize now I probably don’t need to.” She asks Lily if she has any questions about seeing “Daddy and me in the bathroom.” Lily asks, “Did you find any cancer?”

And just like that... Charlotte is off the hook.

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Charlotte’s awkward moment might be over for now, but who knows what will happen in future episodes of And Just Like That... We will have to keep watching on HBO Max on Thursdays to find out.