Charlotte and Harry get "caught" by Lily.
Craig Blankenhorn/HBO Max

Charlotte’s Flustered Reaction To Being Walked In On During *You Know* Was So Relatable

Nobody wants to see their parents like that....

Craig Blankenhorn / HBO Max

Charlotte York Goldenblatt’s life as a mom and a wife converge in a super awkward situation on HBO Max’s And Just Like That..., and the fallout from that moment has a real ring of truth.

If you’re not caught up on the Sex and the City reboot be warned, spoilers for Episode 8 ahead.


Charlotte and Harry were trying to enjoy a little loving marital time in their ensuite bathroom in Episode 8 when the worst happened. Their 15-year-old daughter Lily walked in to see her mom on her knees in front of her dad, whose pants were unzipped.