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How Charlotte Embraces Her Child’s New Name On And Just Like That

Did she underreact? Overreact? Cry to Carrie? Yes, yes, and yes.

In Episode 5 of And Just Like That..., Charlotte York-Goldenblatt deals with a new identity in her life.

Warning spoilers are ahead!

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Episode 5 sees Charlotte finding out from fellow moms that her child Rose had changed their name to Rock at school, telling her how much they loved Rock’s performance.

“Whose child is Rock?” she asks, and is stunned to find out it’s Rose.

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Charlotte later asks Rock about their new name, and 12-year-old Rock lets her mom know it was all announced in a TikTok video. Everyone appears to know, including Rock’s older sister Lily.

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Charlotte and Harry go to Rock’s school to discuss the news with their teachers, who explain that “a child at this age is still developing and exploring who they are.” When Harry calls his child Rose, the teacher reminds him, “Rock.”

Harry calls the whole experience "humbling."

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Both Harry and Charlotte want to support their child, but aren’t sure how seriously to take things. “Rose would eat ice cream every meal if it was up to her,” Harry says. “She’s a show-off, a big ham.” Charlotte simply reaches for his hand.

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Charlotte does research and talks to her friends. “Did you ever wish you weren’t a girl?” she asks Miranda, who immediately answers, “Sure.”

She is clearly processing, trying to find her own way to be there for her child.

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Charlotte is unsure how to handle Rock’s identity. Unsure whether this is a permanent change or a temporary one. “Every time I open my mouth I want to say ‘Rose’ not ‘Rock,’” she tells Carrie, crying. “A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” Carrie reminds her.

Charlotte’s journey with Rock is all about coming to terms with a new normal. Grieving Rose, supporting Rock, and ultimately finding what’s best for her child. It’s the beginning of a journey, and fans have applauded the big moment for Charlotte and Rock.

This Twitter user was happy to see the “Rose/Rock scenario” play out.

Representation mattered to this Twitter user who appreciated how Rock’s storyline was handled.

More of Rock’s story will surely be explored when new episodes of And Just Like That... air on HBO Max every Thursday.

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