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Andrew Whitworth's Daughter Keeps Her Dad Humble By Reading At The Super Bowl

The daughter of the Man of the Year is unbothered.

by Cat Bowen

What do you do when your dad is playing what is likely his last game of professional football, ever, and it’s also the Super Bowl? You bring a book. And you sit back and read that book. At least according to Andrew Whitworth’s daughter.

Andrew Whitworth, NFL Man of the Year for 2022, Rams Left Tackle, and most importantly, father of four kids experienced the very expression of being a dad as he went to work, and his daughter...took out a book/magazine and started reading. And the internet has a lot to say about it. And don’t worry, it’s all positive and hilarious. (At least the tweets and commentary we are choosing to read.) People are dying over how absolutely unbothered his daughter is. She has seen probably hundreds of games in her short life, and she knows what’s happening. The likelihood that she does nothing but read the entire game is low, but the fact that when cameras were on her she just didn’t care to put it down? In our opinion she is a literate queen. A bibliophile blessing. A gift.

Whitworth has signaled he may be retiring after this Super Bowl, so not only is this game a big deal on its own, it could also be her dad’s retirement party. Do you know what I did during my dad’s retirement party? I have no idea, I wasn’t even there. She is clearly more likely to remember her dad’s retirement than any of us. And she’ll probably also remember what she read, because how couldn’t you?

OK, don’t you love this idea? Let the kids have fun reading, and let the librarians run with it. It’s a win all around if you ask us.

I mean, mine too, to be honest. Football starts and stops a whole lot, and what else do you do during down time but read and eat nachos? It’s a vibe. And we love her for it.