Ricky & Ximena from 90 Day Fiance sitting on a couch talking

Where Ricky & Ximena Are Now After '90 Day Fiance'

by Anna Rose Iovine

Ricky and Ximena have gone through quite a journey on 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, but last week's episode ended on a high note: an engagement. So, are Ricky and Ximena married? The 90 Day Fiancé couple smoothed over their rough patches. At least, I hope they did.

Neither Ricky nor Ximena's Instagram accounts show any clues that the two are still together, let alone married. Ricky's Instagram is focused on his photography work and is named after his business, Crown Film Productions. Maybe Ricky has a secret Instagram where he writes Ximena heartfelt love poems. But if such an account exists, fans haven't sniffed it out yet.

Ximena's social media doesn't say *much* about her relationship status — or Ricky — either. Ximena's Instagram is full of personal photos — mostly selfies. She has nothing in her bio about being on 90 Day Fiancé, and one wouldn't know by looking at her most recent photos either. However, in early September she posted a screenshot of her first 90 Day Fiancé appearance with the caption, "God with me!" And in one recent post, Despite never mentioning him by name, some fans think Ximena threw shade at Ricky.

Ximena posted the photo on September 27, a few days before her engagement to Ricky aired. The photo itself seems like just another selfie; it's the caption that made fans wonder what, if anything, is going on between the two. "There is no evil that lasts 100 years or a body that can resist it. Thank you for your support, I love you. As this story there are many in anonymity the important thing about this situation is that you get up every time stronger and with the lesson learned. Love is beautiful but do not believe in any clown who smiles kisses.[sic]"

The English may not be perfect, but the gist of this statement is pretty clear. So, could she be referring to a break up with Ricky here? She's mum on that front, but it's certainly a possibility. Or maybe Ximena was talking about how Ricky originally came to Colombia for Melissa, and Ximena was actually his backup option. When Ricky finally told Ximena the truth about that situation she was furious — as she should be, in my opinion. Not only was Ricky not here for her in the first place, but it took him a while to come clean about it.

At the time, Ximena walked off, presumably breaking off their relationship. But she soon appeared to change her mind and came back to make things work with Ricky. In their make-up on 90 Day Fiancé, Ximena told Ricky that she was giving him another chance. She told Ricky, "I wish I could recover the trust I had in you," continuing, "Right now, I feel like as if you are a stranger and I don’t trust you. But I want to give you the opportunity to show me you’re sincere."

By the next episode she seemed to have done just that. After proving his love to Ximena by jumping into the water (even though he can't actually swim and thought he was going to drown) all appeared to be well. Ricky later got down on one knee — and Ximena said yes.

But did the engagement stick? After all the back and forth between them, I can't help but be a little skeptical they actually make it in the end. As of now, there is no evidence on the internet that the two are married, so make of that what you will.

Fans will have to keep watching 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days — or keep an eye out on Instagram — to know their future for sure.