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24 Great Shows For Kids Who Are Totally Obsessed With Cars

Vroom vroom! Your car-crazed kiddo will love these!

From napping in their carseat to carrying around matchbox cars in their pockets, many kids take an interest in automobiles for a variety of reasons. If you have a future NASCAR driver or mechanic on your hands, these 24 shows for kids who like cars will help fuel that interest and keep them occupied.

If you’re wondering where the obsession for cars comes from, experts have explained it as a desire to learn how the world works. The kind of hyper-fixation that children experience is known as having “intense interests,” and it turns out that it has a lot of benefits for kids. “Intense interests are a big confidence booster for kids,” pediatric psychiatric occupational therapist at Johns Hopkins, Kelli Chen, told Your Modern Family. The good news for parents: they are extremely beneficial for cognitive development.

It’s also very common. Nearly a third of all children have an interest like this at some point during their development, typically between the ages of 2 and 6, according to CNN. So if you’re looking to stoke the fires of your kiddo’s intense interest in cars and trucks, these shows will get your little ones’ engines running and minds working.

Tayo the Little Bus

If you can get passed them, um, fairly regular flatulence that comes with nearly every storyline, these little buses make use of problem solving abilities and teamwork in a fun and lighthearted way.

Watch Tayo the Little Bus on Netflix.

Bob the Builder

While fixing things and helping people is at the center of this classic series, Bob has a crew of helping, animated vehicles that your little car lover will surely take to.

Catch up on all the old episodes of Bob the Builder on Amazon Prime.

Blaze and the Monster Machines

Follow 8-year-old AJ and his monster truck buddy Blaze as they race through the high speed town of Axle City. Mixed in with the racing, AJ and Blaze work together to solve problems that involve science and math — an added bonus for parents looking to squeeze in a little learning with their screen time.

Watch Blaze and the Monster Machines on Sling TV.

Super Truck: Carl and the Transformer

Carl is a super truck with a special ability to transform into any form of vehicle he needs. From mail trucks to city buses, Carl becomes whatever his city needs him to be. Your kids will love learning which vehicles serve which purpose, and you’ll love the way it boosts their creativity.

Watch Super Truck: Carl and the Transformer on Tubi.


This silly series centers around Ty Rux and Revvit, two friends who inhabit a world populated by giant creatures that are half dinosaur and half truck. It’s a bit less realistic than some of the other talking car shows you may find, but kids are sure to enjoy having two common interests blended together.

All five seasons of Dinotrux are on Netflix.

Robocar Poli

This South Korean animated show is all about the Robocar Poli Rescue Team. In each episode, the team protects the vehicles and citizens of beautiful Broomstown from one potential danger after another. It’s high speed, high action, and full of car-acters that your kids will enjoy.

Stream Robocar Poli on Netflix.

Ethan the Dump Truck

This energetic little dump truck is here to teach your kids all about colors, shapes, and other educational building blocks that will prepare them for preschool. Ethan is likable and his lessons are helpful.

Watch Ethan the Dump Truck on Tubi.

Finley the Fire Engine

Finley lives in the town of Friendlyville, where he puts out fires and helps his friends with whatever they may need. If you need a break from race cars and tractors, take a ride with this little fire engine.

Episodes of Finley the Fire Engine are available for purchase on iTunes.


Help your kids expand the scope of their interest from cars and trucks to include trains. Chuggington is all about three locomotives in training — Koko, Wilson, and Brewster — who must learn about cooperation, perseverance and respect before they can graduate to fully operational trains.

Watch Chuggington on Hulu.

Super Truck of Car City

Return to the Car City universe Super Truck/YouTube

Super Truck is something of a hero in Car City, and his friends look to him for guidance and assistance. Let him teach your little ones about leadership and the importance of helping friends.

Stream Super Truck of Car City on Amazon Prime.

The Adventures of Chuck and Friends

Another show with a dump truck for a lead character, Chuck and Friends follows a motley crew of assorted trucks on their many adventures. In practically every episode, the gang gets into some sort of a sticky situation. But together, they find a way out of it and learn an important lesson in the process.

Watch The Adventures of Chuck and Friends on Netflix.

Construction Site

This ‘90s throwback may have simpler animation than your kids are used to, but the assortment of talking construction equipment may be just what you need to break up their viewing habits.

Construction Site is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Power Battle Watch Car

Another fun, animated series out of South Korea, this show chronicles the adventures of Jino and his Watch Car, Bluewill, as they compete in the Battle League on their way to becoming world champions. But there is an evil force lurking and waiting to steal their spotlight.

Check out Power Battle Watch Car on Tubi.

Transformers Rescue Bots

4Fans of the live action film series rejoice – this animated series follows your favorite cast of alien automobiles as they train the next generation of Autobots. On a special mission from none other than Optimus Prime himself, the Transformers-in-training as they prepare for their big face off with the Decepticons.

All four seasons of Transformers Rescue Bots are on Netflix.

Buddy Thunderstruck

This stop-motion series will give you some serious Wes Anderson vibes and your kids will love this truck racing dog.

Check out Buddy Thunderstruck on Netflix.

Backstreet Drivers

This new, live action series from streaming platform Yippee stars hosts jack, Remy, and Cam — three school-aged car enthusiasts who just can’t get enough of cars. They’ll show your kids a variety of dream cars that may even have parents feeling a bit envious of their sick rides.

Check out Backstreet Drivers on Yippee.


Another ‘90s show, Brum is the story of a curious little car who lives in a museum. When not on display, he takes off to explore his city.

Get nostalgic and watch Brum with the family on Amazon Prime.

Roary the Racing Car

Roary is an inexperienced young race car still learning the ropes at the Silver Hatch circuit. If your little ones enjoyed the Cars film franchise, they’re sure to love this series too. The adorable British accents are an added bonus.

Stream Roary the Racing Car on Peacock.

Trash Truck

Hank isn’t your average 6-year-old; he’s best friends with a giant trash truck. But the pair do much more than waste management together. Their adventures include everything from trips to the movie theater to flying lessons. The animation is absolutely adorable, too.

Watch the first and only season of Trash Truck on Netflix.

Terrific Trucks

A mix of animation and live action scenes, Terrific Trucks introduces young viewers to the real-world functions of every day service vehicles. Fun and informative, this show will teach your kids the important roles that all of their favorite trucks play in keeping our world running smoothly.

Check out Terrific Trucks on Hulu.

Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks

These monster trucks band together to reach their goals both on and off the track. Every episode has winners and losers, teaching kids how to be the best of both.

Bigfoot Presents: Meteor and the Mighty Monster Trucks is available on Amazon Prime.

Tiny Trucks

Even the tiniest trucks have a role to playLearnwithDino/YouTube

Even the smallest of trucks has an important role to play in this series. These young trucks assemble attractions around town and help piece together new friends.

Stream Tiny Trucks free on Tubi.

Rev & Roll

Another kiddo with an automobile for a best friend, 8-year-old Rev and his buddy Rumble go on one fun adventure after another on their family’s ranch. Get your kids out of the city and into the country with these friends.

Watch Rev & Roll on Pluto TV.

The Stinky and Dirty Show

Stinky the garbage truck and Dirty the backhoe loader are two best friends who often have to get creative in their problem solving. They will teach your kids to think outside of the box and rely on their imaginations to get them through when they’re in a tough spot.

Watch The Stinky and Dirty Show on Amazon Prime.