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Two American astronauts work on a capsule orbiting earth.
20 Fun Shows For Kids Who Really, Really Love Space

Do you have a future astronaut in the family? Read on!

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There's really no downside to encouraging a love of outer space in your kiddos. And while family visits to the planetarium might not be feasible every weekend, these kids’ shows about space will keep their intergalactic curiosity peaked from the comfort of your home. From imaginative animated series, to pint-sized space documentaries, this list is sure to spark an interest in the worlds beyond our own.

Aside from interesting facts about the planets, a working knowledge of outer space has multiple benefits for kids. By learning about what lies beyond our own atmosphere, kids get a glimpse into what makes planet Earth so special. And once they understand that uniqueness, they are more likely to be interested in conservation and environmental science at a young age. Additionally, learning about space can help foster an interest in science, engineering, technology, mathematics, and more. With a growing need for new minds in STEM fields, there is truly no drawback to getting your kids' minds working early.

Along with endless resources about outer space online, educational and inspirational programs geared towards younger viewers can be a great tool for fostering an interest in learning more about our galaxy. Here are a few great shows to get you started.

Spaced Out


This series of three to five minute segments is the perfect space show for those times you only want a little bit of screen time (even watching all of them is less than half an hour), but it’s an educational and beautifully shot primer on our galaxy and the technologies scientists use to learn more about our universe.

Stream Spaced Out, rated TV-G, on Disney+.

Star Trek Prodigy


When a cadre of children on an enslaved planet discover a Federation ship, they realize they have been presented with an opportunity to escape to a better world. As they learn the values of the United Federation of Planets, they also learn how to work together as a team.

Stream Star Trek: Prodigy, rated TV-Y7, on Netflix.

Dogs in Space


In the not-so-distant future, humans have all but destroyed Earth. In order to save their species, they have sent a cadre of genetically enhanced dogs on an intergalactic mission to find a new home for humanity. The pups — Garbage, Stella, Nomi, Ed, Chonies, and Loaf — are determined to succeed, mainly so they can return to their beloved owners.

Stream Dogs in Space, rated TV-Y7, on Netflix.

Lost in Space


This reboot of the classic space show from the 1960s earned some terrific reviews from critics and viewers alike. When the Robinson family crash lands on an alien planet, the struggle to survive — and return home — amid untold dangers.

Stream Lost in Space, rated TV-PG, on Netflix.

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants in Space


In this season of Captain Underpants, George, Harold and their friends all go to school on a space station, and things get weird... well... even weirder than usual, which is saying something! Fortunately, Captain Underpants is around to make sure the day is saved.

Stream The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants in Space, rated TV-Y7, on Netflix.

The Mandalorian


Adopted as a child by the Mandalorians, a diaspora community of mercendaries and bounty hunters, Din Djarin is a loner. But when a job leaves him in the care of a tiny, non-verbal, but Force sensitive child, he finds a new purpose: the protect this little one at all costs. His intergalactic adventures are just the thing for your space-loving child. (And whomst among us doesn’t love “Baby Yoda.”)

Stream The Mandalorian, rated TV-14, on Disney+.

The Orville


Think “Star Trek, but make it funny.” Set 400 years in the future, this space show follows the interstellar adventures of The Orville, a somewhat shabby exploratory ship crewed by a rag-tag band of misfits determined to explore the universe. This is a great pic for families with older kids (Common Sense Media suggests 12 and older).

Stream The Orville, rated TV-14, on Hulu.



It’s 1999 in New York City, and Phillip J. Fry, a humble pizza delivery boy, is ready to ring in the New Year. But before he knows it, he’s cryogenically frozen only to emerge 1,000 years in the future in New New York. In this future world, intergalactic travel and living alongside aliens and robots is the norm. A classic pick for families with older kids.

Stream Futurama, rated TV-14, on Hulu.

Space Racers

Go on an intergalactic adventure with the Space Racers.Space Racers/YouTube

Space Racers is an animated preschool series that introduces young children to the worlds beyond our own. The show follows the adventures of the Stardust Space Academy cadets, a group of young planes out to explore the galaxy. In the course of their explorations, young viewers will get an education on scientific exploration and investigation, as well as the importance of cooperation and teamwork.

Watch Space Racers (rated TV-Y) on Tubi.

Ready Jet Go!

Ready Jet Go! is a fun space adventure for all ages.PBS Kids/YouTube

Ready Jet Go! is the story of three kids who get to know an alien family and learns quite a bit about science and the solar system along the way. A central focus of the show is the evolutionary nature of science, and how our understand of it changes as people make new discoveries. Who knows, maybe it will inspire your kids to go on to make a discovery of their own one day.

Watch Ready Jet Go! (rated TV-PG) on Amazon Prime Video.

What's Up In Space: The Solar System For Kids

These mini documentaries are perfect for answering all your kids' space questions. Amazon

This fun, educational series approaches space-related topics at an age appropriate level, answering common classroom space questions in a refreshing new way. Each episode features a mix of animation, colorful illustrations, and live-action scenes. This award-winning series has had great success in both homes and classrooms, so your kids are sure to love it.

Watch What’s Up In Space: The Solar System For Kids (rated TV-G) for free on Amazon Prime.

The Planets

The Planets is a BBC Earth and PBS documentary series.BBC Earth Channel/YouTube

Another fun documentary series, The Planets reviews cutting-edge discoveries about the planets, explains the origin of the sun, raises the question of life on other planets, and more. While it may not be flashy enough to entertain preschoolers, older kids will learn a lot from the five-part series.

Watch The Planets (not rated) on PBS.

Mission Force One

Miles is the perfect guide for your kids through space.Disney Junior/YouTube

If you're looking for an action-packed series that is set in space, you've found your jam. Space adventurer Miles Callisto is little boy ready for anything the universe throws at him. Follow his travels through the universe with his family and his best friend, a robo-ostrich named Merc. Each episode features an interesting fact related to outer space or science that guides the storyline.

Watch Mission Force One (TV-Y) on Disney+.

The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Kids In Space

Ms. Frizzle and the gang head to outer space. Netflix Jr./YouTube

Who better to take your kids on field trips into outer space than the one and only Ms. Frizzle? She and her magical school bus full of curious kiddos, along with the help of her pet iguana, are headed to infinity and beyond in this special. With episode runtimes of just 25 minutes, even the most distractible of children are sure to tune in for this one.

Stream The Magic School Bus Rides Again: Kids In Space (TV-Y) on Netflix.

Bill Nye The Science Guy: Outer Space

Bill Nye is ready to teach a whole new generation. Graskic Roki/YouTube

If you're looking for a little bit of nostalgia thrown in with your kids' education, Bill Nye The Science Guy is here to lend a hand. Each episode of his show teaches kids a specific topic in a natural science, outer space included!

Watch Bill Nye The Science Guy: Outer Space (not rated) on YouTube.

How The Universe Works

These documentaries are informative and entertaining. Science Channel/YouTube

Mike Rowe takes viewers on a journey through the cosmos that goes over our own solar system, distant galaxies, and even travels back in time to the Big Bang. Another series aimed at older children, these eight episodes are 50 minutes long.

Watch How The Universe Works (TV-PG) on Discovery+.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

Martian Mickey will be a hit with your space loving kids. Disney Jr./YouTube

While not every episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is set on Mars, the Martian Mickey episodes have become a staple in my home when my toddler is looking for a bit of outer space in her day. She watches these episodes on repeat and has been begging to go to Mars herself ever since.

Watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (rated TV-Y) on Disney+.

Star Wars Rebels

Introduce your kids to the world of Star Wars with this animated series. Disney XD/YouTube

A kid-friendly approach to the popular film franchise, these intergalactic adventures will give them a peak into the Star Wars universe along with an exciting introduction into outer space.

Watch Star Wars Rebels (TV-Y7) on Disney+.

The Jetsons

The Jetsons premiered in 1962.Warner Archive Channel/YouTube

Introduce your kids to one of the greatest cartoons of all time: The Jetsons! This ‘60s-era sitcom follows George Jetson, his wife Jane, his kids Judy and Elroy, their talking dog Astro, and their robotic maid Rosie who live in outer space in the future. It’s still a delight!

Watch The Jetsons (rated TV-G) on HBO Max.

A StoryBots Space Adventure

A StoryBots Space Adventure is on Netflix.Netflix Jr. Channel/YouTube

This 12-minute StoryBots special takes the gang to outer space, where they join the space travelers of the historic Inspiration4 mission and discover answers to kids’ questions about outer space. There’s also plenty of fun, educational songs.

Watch A StoryBots Space Adventure (rated TV-Y) on Netflix.

With offerings for kids of all ages, you should be able to find something on this list for your little ones — whether they're in preschool or grade school. Happy watching!

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