Betches Has A Hilarious New Podcast For Moms On Your Next Drive To Nowhere

Betches Moms is a podcast for the unapologetic millennial mom — launching on April 5 with Rachel Bilson as their first guest.

You’ve been following them for years on Instagram for their funny, honest, and unfiltered takes on life and now the brand is taking on motherhood with a new podcast. Hosted by Betches CEO & Co-Founder Aleen Dreksler and Art Director Brittany Levine, Betches Media is launching the Betches Moms podcast that admits, yeah, kids are annoying and cost way too much, but they’re also basically our favorite people, so we deal with it

Betches began in 2011 as an anonymous blog satirizing millennial college-girl (“betch”) culture as a corollary to the rise of “bro culture.” Since then, Betches Media has evolved far beyond the website and grown social media and podcast audiences of millions (oh yeah, and a few New York Times best-selling books for good measure). Now, Betches Moms is bringing its humor (and unflinching honesty) to motherhood... and all the impossible standards, judgment, and accidentally peeing when you sneeze that goes with it.

“We have grown up with our audience and Betches Moms feels like a natural next step,” Dreksler and Levine tell Romper. “We wanted to create a fun and safe space for women to ask anything and get the advice they may be nervous to ask for.”

As many of us can attest, social media — with its unlimited retakes and many filters — don’t sufficiently prepare us for parenthood. So, every week, Dreksler (currently pregnant with her first child) and Levine (also pregnant with a toddler at home) will keep it real, sharing stories, insights, and having honest conversations about what it’s really like being and becoming a mom. A lineup of special guests from child-and maternal-care experts, therapists, and celebrity moms will be there to help them suss it all out. From COVID vaccines during pregnancy to postpartum sex to how to get your toddler to stop doing that annoying thing they do? They want to talk about it all.

“The most important thing is we want [listeners] to walk away feeling like they are not alone,” Dreksler and Levine explain. “Our goal is to talk about everything, especially the hard stuff. We want them to feel as if they just hung out with one of their best friends.”

To get a taste of what’s in store on Betches Moms, enjoy Romper’s exclusive sneak peek of the first episode featuring actress Rachel Bilson below.

Courtesy of Betches Media

Betches Moms premieres on April 5 on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts with new episodes dropping every Monday and Wednesday.