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bandit and chilli from the "bluey" show

13 Parenting Lessons From Bluey (Because No, It’s Not Just For Kids)

There’s so much to learn.

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Kids are obsessed with Bluey, the charming Australian export that emphasizes the importance of play in the lives of children. But parents know the truth: Bluey isn’t a kid’s show. It’s a show for parents. Here are some of our favorite parenting lessons from Bluey.

Always Be Prepared

As we learned in “Pool,” you’re going to want to make sure you’ve remembered everything you need. Because you can have more fun when you’re not hungry, bored, & missing sunscreen.

Kids Learn By Watching You

Parenting (and generally just being an adult) is hard work, but, as we learned in “Queens,” moms like Chilli aren’t afraid of a little hard work. And when kids see you accepting a challenge, they’ll be more willing to do the same!

Let Kids Learn How To Fail

Finding safe ways to let your kid fail (& figure out how not to fail) is a hard-learned lesson for a parent who wants to jump in and help. But as Bandit learned in “Bike,” there’s nothing sweeter than the taste of hard-won success.

Kids Have No Concept Of Time (Plan Accordingly)

As we learned in “Sticky Gecko,” kids move at their own pace because they don’t have any idea what a minute even is. Try not to take it too personally (and, really, maybe take a cue from them)!

Making up games is more important than you think!

Bandit to Bluey on her "job" as a kid in "Trampoline."

Children Have Rich Inner Lives Of Their Own

In many ways you are the sun of your child’s universe (#Sleepytime #BRB #Sobbing) but one of the beautiful parenting lessons we learn from Bluey is that children have their own thing going on a lot of the time!

Children Need To Be Allowed To Process Things In Their Own Way

In “Copycat,” Bluey is faced with the death of an injured budgie. Rather than try to shield her from the sad truth, Bandit and Chilli allow her to process the bird’s death through play, which helps her cope.

Different Kids Need Different Care

Bluey and Bingo may be sisters, but they’re different in many ways, including their emotional needs. Whereas Bluey is easy to cheer up, Bingo is more sensitive & needs a little more time & space. (Fortunately, Chilli & Bandit get that!)

We all fail Mum School sometimes. We can just start again tomorrow.

Chilli encouraging Bluey in "Mum School"

Parents Can (& Should) Apologize

We all make mistakes, and that’s OK! But it’s also OK to own those mistakes and apologize to kids when we snap, hurt their feelings, or just generally fall short. (Because we all know that if we don’t the fairies might cause mischief... )

Run Your Own Race

It can be hard not to compare yourself to other parents, or your baby to other babies. But it’s not a baby race! (We learned that in “Baby Race!”) Always remember: your kid will do things in their own time & you’re doing a great job.

Parents Need To Play, Too

It may not look exactly like kid’s play, but if you look closely (like Bluey did in “Stumpfest”) you’ll start to recognize it for what it is...

No Parent Is An Island

Whether they’re saving one another from “Tickle Crabs,” or going to the markets, Bandit & Chilli understand that parenting is better (& more fun) when you have the support of your partner & a community of friends & family.

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