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Why Does Caleb Williams Paint His Nails? It's A Sweet Tribute To His Mom

The #1 pick of the NFL’s 2024 draft is making his mom proud in more ways than one.

The NFL Draft is an exciting time for football fans. Like the various franchises hoping to build the best possible team, fans have been watching some of these college players for years. While it was no surprise that the Chicago Bears chose University of Southern California quarterback and 2022 Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams as the first overall pick of 2024, it was still a proud moment, and he proudly sported his signature painted nails (coordinated to his girlfriend’s dress). But why does Caleb Williams paint his nails? It ultimately comes down to his mom, Dayne Price.

In a 2022 interview with USC Athletics posted to TikTok, Williams explained where his inspiration came from. “It started ... my last year of high school. My mom does nails, to start it off there, and she’s done it for my whole life, so it’s always been around me and nobody else does it. I like to do new things, I don’t really care what people have to say about it.”

He explained that it changes every week and joked that he has to take care of his hands because they’re “where all the gold comes from.”

Williams has been vocal about how close he is with his mother, describing her in the past as the most important person in his life. After a pivotal loss to the Washington Huskies last year, Williams hopped into the stands and clung to his mom, visibly sobbing despite the fact that Price held a sign in front of his face to shield it from the crowds and cameras. “I was sitting over there, beat up, I was defeated,” he told TalkSport. “Right there, at that moment, I was good. I didn’t start doing all that until I got up there. So, I was walking up to her; I was good, I was good. ... Then I hopped up, and I touched my mom, and I just lost it. Because in my mind, I was going through everything. I was like 'this is it, coming near the end for me'. I can’t get to the Pac-12 Championship. I can’t go to the national playoffs, national championship."

Honestly, we’ve all been there or near enough at some point.

But it wasn’t the end, obviously. Williams is going to be playing for the Chicago Bears and while his mom wasn’t with him at the draft, she did send him a sweet, encouraging message that was shared to Instagram.

“I teared up a little bit as I prepared to say this message to you. You must have got that crying from me,” she joked. “But continue to be your authentic self.”

“As I’ve always said, I’ve learned so much from you,” she continued. “Thank you for always pushing me forward to be a better me on many occasions.”

Needless to say, Williams watched the message with tears in his eyes. And responded to the video praising his mom’s support, even as she worked two jobs. “She’s a wonderful lady,” he said. “My best friend.”

And #BoyMoms throughout America all swooned in unison...