Snoopy Does The Absolute Most As A Beagle Scout Leader In A Brand New Peanuts Series

In Camp Snoopy, Charlie Brown and his buddies head off to Camp Spring Lake for a summer full of outdoor adventures.

by Kaitlin Kimont

Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock, and the rest of the Peanuts gang are going to launch us into summer with a brand new, perfectly themed TV series. (And it might remind some of us of the 1977 movie Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown where the kids head off to Camp Remote and take on bullies in a river-raft race, just sayin’.) The upcoming Peanuts series, Camp Snoopy, premieres just as schools are out for summer and here’s everything you need to know.

What is Camp Snoopy about?

In Camp Snoopy, Charlie Brown heads off to Camp Spring Lake for summer camp with his friends, and of course Snoopy and his trusty Beagle Scouts tag along, too. Throughout the 10-part series, the whole Peanuts gang will explore the great outdoors with plenty of summer activities like fishing, roasting marshmallows, hiking, canoeing, and more.

“After discovering their troop is in danger of disbanding, Snoopy and the Beagle Scouts set off to the great outdoors to earn their badges,” the series’ logline reads. “Meanwhile, Charlie Brown and friends enjoy their summer at Camp Spring Lake.”

In the trailer, which was released on May 29, we see Snoopy doing his absolute darnedest to lead his scouts, even as their canoe springs a leak. We can also expect Charlie Brown to say his signature “good grief” and watch Sally, of course, get annoyed with everyone else.

When does Camp Snoopy premiere?

Camp Snoopy premieres just as summer activities kick off on Friday, June 14.

Director and executive producer Rob Boutilier told Animation Magazine Camp Snoopy’s 10 episodes will be a bit longer than usual, clocking in at about nine minutes each. “Some episodes are based purely on the adventures of Snoopy and the Beagle Scouts, some are of Snoopy crossing over into the kids’ summer camp to assist them, as a good Beagle Scout would, and some are kid-based stories with Snoopy and the birds in more of a supporting role,” Boutilier explained. “Spending just that little bit more time with Good Ol’ Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang made the series feel closer to the classic specials I grew up with.”

How can you watch Camp Snoopy?

Camp Snoopy will be available to stream on Apple TV+, the home of all Peanuts specials and series, on June 14.