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Cardi B Dropped A Catchy New Song During Her Baby Shark Episode & Kids Are Loving It

🎶 Every fishy can do the seaweed sway 🎶

Cardi B might be a mega-famous rapper, but let us not forget she also happens to be a huge fangirl of the one and only Baby Shark. Although she admittedly can’t even swim (and let fans know in a hilariously-classic Cardi B way), this Bronx native clearly loves the water and even gave her 7-month-old son an oceanic name. Already the proud mama of an unbelievably stylish 3-year-old, maybe it’s not so shocking that Cardi B is such an avid cartoon lover and made the most of her musical guest spot on Nickelodeon’s Baby Shark series by including daughter, Kulture, and husband, Offset.

Cardi B’s been crazy busy lately, dropping music and caring for a new baby. She’s juggling so many things as a working parent, she even had a frazzled mom-brain moment, where she forgot to promote her own appearance on the Nick Jr. series, Baby Shark’s Big Show!.

“I’m so busy wit these two kids right now and promoting SHAKE IT I forgot My baby shark episode wit @OffsetYRN & KK comes out today on NICKELODEON….It will be nice to see your kids do the SEAWEED SWAY,” she tweeted on April 15 along with a slew of fish emojis.

“Seaweed Sway” is a treat for kids and, let’s be honest, parents who’ve heard the OG “Baby Shark” song one too many times. And, apologies in advance, but Cardi’s kid-friendly Baby Shark song also has equally catchy lyrics.

“Check the skills, you amazing / You got thrills? I got chills, to the gills / You do you baby!” Cardi raps in the episode.

The song continues with other lyrics like, “Every fishy can do the seaweed sway/ Do it how you want to do it, or do it Sharki B’s way/ You can take a big bite/ Shake your tail or your fins, let’s begin.”

Mother and dentist, @ToyaruthDivaWife, gave “Seaweed Sway” a big fins-up when she tweeted her approval of the animated dance song, along with sweet pictures of her daughter in front of the TV screen: “Cardi B's guest appearance today as Sharki B on an episode of Baby Shark was really well done. Her character encouraged her new friends to be themselves and have fun dancing and expressing themselves. She helped to build confidence in a timid dancer saying there is no wrong way.”

In a cute video posted to Twitter, a group of excited kids from Betsy Ross Elementary School in Houston, Texas were all about the “Seaweed Sway” and had a blast getting down to Cardi’s sharky beat. Mom and educator @ray4d_thebetsy tweeted: “Our kinder students are hype about the #SeaweedSwayDance! @iamcardib they want a dance tutorial!

That sounds like a pretty official challenge and maybe the best Circle Time ever!

Turns out, Cardi B already has a bit of impressive teaching experience under her belt. She tried her hand at teaching pre-school in a very amusing episode of her very entertaining Facebook series, Cardi Tries Nursery School and had a ball reading picture book classic, Everybody Poops.

So if you’re looking for a fun new clip to show your kids when you’re stuck in the car or waiting for the rain to end, be sure to check out Cardi B’s “Seaweed Sway.” Plus, it’s not every day you can take style tips from a cartoon shark wearing a pearl headband and some pretty fly gold hoops.