chrissy teigen and john legend
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No, Chrissy Teigen's Lips Didn't Get Super Swollen From Fillers

Ouch, that looks painful.

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

Chrissy Teigen is known for being brutally honest with her followers, no matter what she might be going through in her life. She's also known for her wicked sense of humor. So it's no surprise that when Teigen suffered a painful-looking allergic reaction recently, she not only shared the experience, she managed to make it funny.

"lmao lookin great!! not filler fail - I'd tell you! I don't give a shit!" Teigen posted with a photo of her oversized lips. "It happened after I bit the skin of a suspicious orange. Maybe pesticides on the outside? I look like a juicy blow up doll, freshly unpacked."

Unfortunately for Teigen, her description was accurate. It's impossible to look at Teigen's lips without cringing.

Props to Chrissy for addressing the most obvious explanation, some kind of lip-filler disaster. It does seem like Chrissy would have no qualms about revealing a cosmetic procedure as the cause for her swollen mouth, so if she says an orange is to blame... an orange is probably to blame. Consider Teigen's tale a cautionary tale on the topic of biting orange skin and think of her the next time you have a safe citrus experience.

On the bright side, whenever this reaction occurred, it didn't interfere with Teigen's Valentine's Day plans. On Sunday night, the mom and mogul dressed up in a black minidress for dinner in Los Angeles with husband John Legend, reported The Daily Mail.

Here's hoping Chrissy doesn't have any dangerous brush-ins with fruit again anytime soon.