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50 Christmas Movies You Can Watch On Netflix Right Now

Happy holidays, indeed!

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It's getting colder outside and that means that the holiday season is coming. While many try to avoid the so-called "Christmas creep," others are already turning up the holiday music and flipping their channels to Christmas movies. If you can't seem to find what you want on TV — Hallmark Channel's Countdown to Christmas and Freeform's 25 Days of Christmas just aren't cutting it — you know all too well the struggle of finding enough movies to get you through the season. Luckily, there is no shortage of Christmas movies to watch on Netflix, where you can choose old favorites and supplement them with newer, cheesier offerings (let's be honest, holiday movies are almost inherently cheesy).

If you're looking for sentimental, somewhat-predictable feel-good stories, Netflix has them in spades. Many of the movies are secular Christmas movies and don't have much of a religious bent to them, but you can find some where the religious aspect of the holiday is more central to the storyline, if that's more your speed.

So, grab a mug of hot chocolate and cozy up underneath a blanket — you have Christmas movies to watch. Here are 50 just to get you started.


White Christmas

This Christmas classic will never go out of style. What's a holiday season without an annual White Christmas viewing or two? Introduce this music-filled production to your kids or watch it alone. It'll get you in the spirit of the season like nothing else.


The Christmas Chronicles


Kurt Russell stars as Santa Claus in this Netflix original movie from 2018. After two siblings, Kate and Teddy, make it their goal to catch Santa on camera, they embark on an unexpected journey to save Christmas before it’s too late.


The Christmas Chronicles: Part Two


In this Christmas Chronicles sequel, Kate and Teddy are all grown up. Years after saving Christmas, Kate is forced to spend Christmas in Mexico with her mom’s new boyfriend and his son. Kate, unhappy with this arrangement, decides to run away and ends up pulled into a new adventure with Santa.


Christmas Wedding Planner


Kelsey, a wedding planner, has her world turned upside down while arranging a Christmas Eve themed wedding for her cousin, Todd. When a private investigator is hired to disrupt one of her biggest jobs, it’s up to Kelsey to pull off the big day without a hitch.




Emma Roberts stars as Sloane, a woman who hates the holidays. But when she meets a handsome stranger, Jackson, who also hates the holidays, they vow to be each other’s date for every festive occasion throughout the next year. But could mutual bond over hate possibly lead to love? You’ll just have to watch and find out.


Christmas in the Heartland

When two teenage girls realize they’re both visiting grandparents they’ve never met for the first time, ever, they decide to switch lives to see how the other half lives. The film is very reminiscent of The Parent Trap and perfect for the teens.


Christmas Inheritance


When a socialite publicly embarrasses her family, she must return to her father’s hometown where she learns about hard work and helping others in order to inherit the family company. But this isn’t the only thing she ends up gaining at the end.


Bob's Broken Sleigh


If you're looking for something newer to watch with your kids this year, look no further than Bob's Broken Sleigh. The animated movie focuses on Bob the elf, who doesn't have any magical abilities. Bob and his sleigh end up stranded in a forest after an accident and he has to figure out how to avoid the puffins (yep, they're the villains in this movie) and get that sleigh back home in time for Christmas. Those Christmas gifts won't deliver themselves, you know.


The Grinch

This 2018 animated take on Dr. Seuss’ beloved story tells the story of the grumpy old Grinch and his plans to steal Christmas from the residents of Whoville.


Christmas With A View

A ski resort restaurant manager with a past has her world shaken up when a celebrity chef is named the head chef of the restaurant. Although she isn’t excited about this, their paths continue to cross, resulting in them spending in more time together.


The Holiday Calendar


When a talented photographer inherits an antique advent calendar, she finds that it can seemingly predict her future, and point to love at the same time. This is a Netflix original movie from 2018 and has “feel good” written all over it.


Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey


This fun new musical from Netflix focuses on a legendary toymaker, Jeronicus Jangle, whose inventions are unlike any other. But when his trusted apprentice steals his most prized creation, it’s up to Jeronicus’ granddaughter to heal old wounds and awaken the magic inside of everyone.


Puppy Star Christmas

When a rival team plans to ruin Christmas, it’s up to a pack of Pup Star pooches to save the holiday spirit. This film is a musical with talking dogs, which means the kids are guaranteed to love it.


Holiday Rush


Popular radio DJ Rush Williams knows how to spoil his kids — until he loses his job right when his kids drop him their annual Christmas gifts. After the family is forced to downsize and simplify their lives, they learn that joy comes from not the things you have but the people you in your life.


A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

An aspiring singer who works as an Elf at a Christmas tree lot finds her own holiday miracle in spite of her vain stepmother and evil stepsisters. It’s a real life take on the classic Cinderella story but with a festive twist.


Dolly Parton’s Christmas On The Square


Legendary singer and icon, Dolly Parton, brings this modern take on A Christmas Carol to life. In the film, rich and nasty woman, Regina Fuller, returns to her hometown to evict people from her father’s land right before Christmas. But after she listens to the townspeople’s stories and has guidance from an actual angel, she begins to have a change of heart.


The Knight Before Christmas


A medieval knight is magically brought to the present day, where he falls in love with a highschool teacher, played by Vanessa Hudgens. Sure, it sounds a little wild, but it also sounds adorable.


48 Christmas Wishes

When a small town’s letters to Santa are accidentally set on fire, it’s up to two elves to retrieve every missing wish and remind the town what Christmas is all about.


Christmas In The Smokies


When a Tennessee family finds out that they have to bring their loan current right after the new year or lose their berry farm, daughter Shelby pulls out all the stops and weighs all of her options — including asking her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart when they were teenagers (and who now just so happens to be a country music star), Mason Wyatt, for help.


Holiday in the Wild


Kate Conrad is a newly separated mom going to Africa on a solo safari. But when she and her pilot, Derek Holliston, end up rescuing an orphaned baby elephant together, Kate falls in love with her surroundings and her pilot, too.


Alien Xmas


In this hilarious animated film, a young elf mistakes a tiny alien as her Christmas gift, not knowing that he has plans to destroy the earth’s gravity and take all of the presents.


How The Grinch Stole Christmas

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A live-action version of the Dr. Seuss animated classic, How the Grinch Stole Christmas is, without a doubt, a Christmas classic. Introduce your kids to the whimsical world of Whoville, the Whos that live there, and the town Grinch who's out to ruin all the Christmas fun.


Operation Christmas Drop


Another Christmas movie about an unlikely couple falling in love. When a play-by-the-books Congressional aide looks to shut down a tropical U.S. Air Force base and it’s airborne Christmas tradition, she falls for a big hearted pilot. Awww.


Let It Snow


This movie, based on the bestselling young adult novel, focuses on a small town and the group of high school seniors in it. When a snowstorm hits their town, their worlds collide and come Christmas morning, they’ll never be the same.


Christmas with a Prince

Tasha Mason, a pediatric specialist, is forced to secretly allow a handsome prince to recover from a skiing accident on the same floor as her hospital ward. Tasha soon learns that the prince’s leg isn’t the only thing that needs healing — his heart needs to be healed, too.


Holly Star

Sloan, a broke puppeteer, is sent on a mysterious treasure hunt around her hometown during the holidays with a kooky cast of characters from her life. If you’ve ever returned home during the holidays, then this hilarious comedy will probably hit you right in the feels.


Angela’s Christmas

This Netflix original short animated film is a heartwarming and funny story about the power of family and one young girl’s desire to make sure that everyone feels safe and loved at Christmas time.


Santa Girl

Santa’s daughter, Cassie Claus, decides to flee the North Pole and an arranged marriage for college in this adorable and empowering Christmas film.


Hometown Holiday

Ryan is an ambitious entertainment lawyer looking to sign a local rancher turned singer as his new client. Krista is trying to be more selective about who she dates. But when these two unlikely people meet, sparks fly.


Get Santa


Uh oh, Santa Claus is on the run from the police in this family Christmas movie. After a man and his son find him sleeping in the garage (because he's in hiding), they have to figure out what they're going to do and how they can manage to save the day — and how they can get his sleigh back in time.


Christmas Break-In

Izzy is an energetic 9-year-old girl stuck inside her school on the last day before Christmas break. When a snowstorm leaves her stranded and a trio of robbers break in, it’s up to Izzy to save the day. Think of this like a modern take on Home Alone.


Midnight at the Magnolia

Maggie and Jack are longtime friends and radio hosts with the hopes of getting their show syndicated. This already perfect together team decides to team up for the holidays to fake it as a couple for their families and listeners, and possibly each other?


Trolls Holiday

Leave it to Queen Poppy to spread the holiday cheer. When Poppy realizes that Bridget and the Bergens don’t have any holidays of their own, Poppy hatches a plan with Branch’s help to create one.


A New York Christmas Wedding


As a woman’s Christmas wedding date fast approaches, she is visited by an angel who shows her what her life would be like if she explored the feelings she had for her childhood best friend.


Christmas Catch

An undercover detective investigating a jewel heist lands herself in a tricky situation when she falls for the suspected thief himself.


A Storybots Christmas

When Bo doesn’t think her Christmas presents are good enough, she heads to the North Pole to study under Santa himself, only to find him missing. Uh oh.


The Princess Switch


Vanessa Hudgens plays Stacy, a baker who swaps lives with a member of the royal family, Duchess Margaret, (who looks just like her) to get a taste of the lives that they have been missing.


The Princess Switch: Switched Again


In this Princess Switch sequel, Vanessa Hudgens plays Fiona — a party girl and third look alike to Stacy and Duchess Margaret — who threatens to foil their plans.


A Christmas Prince

This Netflix original tells the story of a young journalist named Amber who is sent to get the scoop on a dashing prince, Richard, poised to be king. Yes, you guessed it, they fall in love.


A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding


Amber and Richard return in this Christmas Prince sequel. After Amber helps Richard secure the throne, she clashes with the royal family when it comes time to plan their royal wedding.


A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby


A baby is on the way for Amber and Richard in this final Christmas Prince film. But when a 600-year-old treaty disappears from the royal castle, peace is put in jeopardy and an ancient curse is threatened on the new family.


The App That Stole Christmas

When a tech executive’s shopping app ruins the holiday spirit, he is whisked off to do some hard labor at Santa’s village.


A Princess for Christmas

When Jules Daly travels to a castle in Europe with her niece and nephew during the holidays, she meets a handsome yet reluctant prince. Are you sensing a love story?


A Very Country Christmas

This feel good movie focuses on the romance between a country music star hiding in his hometown for the holidays and a budding interior designer trying to get into his heart. Sounds romantic.




This animated film with an all star voice cast tells the story of a selfish postman and a reclusive toymaker who form an unlikely friendship and deliver joy to a town in need.


Elliot the Littlest Reindeer

This animated film tells the story of Elliot, a miniature reindeer, who is desperate to get on Santa’s team of reindeer. While he might be small, he is certainly mighty.


The Christmas Project


Kids will love this mischievous, adventure-filled tale of four brothers delivering Christmas gifts to the school bullies. Rather than just dealing with the bullying, the boys choose to fight back, holiday-style.


Mariah Carey's Merriest Christmas


Mariah Carey's Christmas special is a variety show-type celebration of all things Christmas. She enlisted a whole cast of characters (and some famous friends) to help boost everyone's holiday spirit. It's not the same as a typical Christmas movie, however, so you should know that before hitting 'play.'


Dance Dreams: Hot Chocolate Nutcracker

This inspiring holiday documentary follows a group of dance students at the legendary dancer, Debbie Allen’s studio, as they prepare for the annual performance of “Hot Chocolate Nutcracker.”


The Holiday Movies That Made Us

This Netflix series tells the stories behind two of your favorite holiday films — Elf and The Nightmare Before Christmas — through insider interviews and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

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