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Nina's Familia is CoComelon's new bilingual series.
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Watch An Exclusive Clip From CoComelon's New Bilingual Series Nina's Familia

Nina's Familia is Cocomelon's first bilingual series, starring the already beloved character Nina.

If you and your kids love Nina, the sporty Mexican-American girl from CoComelon, get excited because she’s getting her own spinoff series. Nina’s Familia, which focuses on the home life of the lovable character, premiered September 29. New episodes will release weekly every Friday on the CoComelon YouTube channel, and Romper has an exclusive sneak peek at what’s coming up on this week’s adorable episode.

Spanish phrases will be used throughout Nina’s Familia because Nina’s family is bilingual. For example, the theme song for the new series will include Nina’s catchphrase, “Yo sí puedo!” (I can do it!). There will be some episodes entirely in Spanish and viewers can sing along to Spanish nursery rhymes. Kids will also be introduced to culturally significant storylines that will help viewers learn about Mexican culture.

Nina lives in a multigenerational household with her siblings, parents, and abuelita (granny) who educates Nina and her siblings about their cultural background. Their home is modeled after a traditionally Spanish-style household and features meals (like chilaquiles and arroz con leche) and vibrantly colored decorations that reference their heritage.

Anthony Falcón, the creative lead on Nina’s Familia, said in a press release that this new series will offer a window into the lives of real Mexican-American families. “Nina’s Familia is the kind of series I’ve always wanted to be a part of but is so rarely seen. It’s one where an intelligent, caring, adventurous Mexican-American girl can do anything AND be anything all while being surrounded and supported by a strong Latine family,” Falcón said, adding that the series provides an “opportunity for every little Latine kid to see themselves and their family represented on screen in the way we’ve been waiting for.”

In Romper’s exclusive clip, which shows off Nina’s new look of curlier hair and clothes that feature Mexican “huipil” embroidery, a Spanish nursery song plays while Nina does an arts and crafts project with her abuelita.

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Watch Nina’s Familia on CoComelon’s YouTube channel every Friday starting September 29.