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The Cringiest Parenting Moments From 'And Just Like That' We Just Can't Get Over

Anything to do with Brady Hobbes, for example.

The HBO Max reboot of Sex And The City, And Just Like That, sees both Charlotte Yorke-Goldenblatt and Miranda Hobbes as parents of teens. And things frequently get extra-cringey.

If you haven’t watched yet, be warned. Spoilers ahead.

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Miranda’s Teen Son Brady & His Sex Life Are A Punch Line

“I stepped on a used condom in Brady’s room this morning,” Miranda, Episode One. “Eww!” is Charlotte’s big response.

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Charlotte Gets Controlling Over Matching Dresses With Teen Daughters

“Please put this dress on, I want us all in florals,” Charlotte to Rose, Episode One. Because all teens want to match their mom.

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Miranda Uses Brady’s Girlfriend Luisa As Part Of A Punishment/Reward System

“That’s it, no Luisa for one week,” Miranda, Episode Two, tells Brady when she’s mad about him smoking weed. Because human girls are toys, apparently?

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Miranda Turns Into “Rambo” When Che Smokes With Brady

“This is my son who you are getting high on God knows what,” Miranda at a funeral in Episode Two, losing it on Carrie’s boss Che.

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Charlotte’s Reaction To Rose Saying “I Never Feel Like A Girl”

It’s probably not her fault, but Charlotte falls out of bed and changes the subject in Episode Three when Rose tells her she doesn’t identify as a girl. Probably less cringey ways to handle that.

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Miranda Isn’t Sure Where Brady’s Hands Have Been

“Use a scoop, I don’t know where your hands have been,” Miranda tells Brady in Episode Three, weirdly alluding to his sex life.

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Charlotte Finds Out Rose Is Rock On A Zoom

“Wait, wait, wait; who is Rock? Did I somehow miss a new kid?,” Charlotte, Episode Five. “No, Rock! Your... ” All the moms disconnect, looking so awkward after Charlotte says “Did everyone just freeze?” Tough way to find out you’re out of the loop.

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Miranda Gets A Taste Of Her Own Medicinal Marijuana

“Whoa, mom. You reek of weed. After all the s**t you gave me?” Brady calls out his mom in Episode Four, and he has a point.

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Harry Gets His Child’s Name Corrected By The Teacher

“We’re talking about a 12-year-old here. Rose would eat ice cream for every meal if it was left up to her,” Harry says in Episode Five at his child’s school. “Rock,” the teacher corrects, and he looks mortified.

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Miranda’s Private Time Is Interrupted By Brady

In Episode Six, Miranda is trying to enjoy a little private time in bed when Brady thumps on the door and ruins everything.

You would think he, of all people, would know better.

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Lily Sees Her Dad’s Penis

... In her mom’s hand. In episode 8 of And Just Like That, Charlotte is on her knees in front of Harry getting ready to... you know. Lily walks in on her parents in the bathroom and Charlotte fully slams the door in her face. Awkward.

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Miranda Sneaks Away From Brady

When Miranda sees Brady and Luisa at an LGBTQ+ pride event, she sneaks away from them instead of just talking to them. Missing an opportunity to actually bond with her son and be honest.

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Brady’s Reaction To Miranda Leaving Steve

Miranda tries to partner up to paint with Brady at a charity event in episode 9, and he makes it clear he doesn’t want to hang out with her. She doesn’t get the message, of course. Because that’s their relationship now.

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Charlotte Teaches Lily To Put In A Tampon

As Charlotte prepares for a dinner party, Lily asks her for guidance in putting in a tampon. The way Charlotte tries to be a cheerleader from the sidelines... poor Lily is so uncomfortable. Especially once the modeling starts.

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