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Courtesy of Netflix/ Dream Works

The Rescue Riders (& Their Dragons) Are Flying Into The Holidays With A New Special On Netflix

We got an exclusive sneak peek!

The days are growing shorter and the weather's growing colder. And yet, somehow people everywhere are filled with a spirit of warmth and giving. You know what that means: Odinyule is on its way! Oh, have you never heard of Odinyule? That's OK! You can learn all about it when the Dragons Rescue Riders new holiday special comes to Netflix on Nov. 24.

From DreamWork's beloved How to Train Your Dragon franchise, the Dragons Rescue Riders is aimed at a younger set than the original films or subsequent shows like Race to the Edge. It follows twins Leyla and Dak, who were raised by dragons but now live on the Viking island of Huttsgalor, where they've committed themselves to helping anyone, Viking or Dragon, in need.

When Chief Duggard announces the coming of Odinyule, in the upcoming holiday special, the twins have a lot to learn about this winter holiday of giving. But when a devastating snowstorm blows through the village, and a shipment of presents goes missing, it looks like Odinyule will have to be cancelled! But Dak and Leyla—along with their dragons Winger, Summer, Aggro, Burple, and Cutter—are determined to find the source of the storm and save their very first Odinyule on their new home.

Dragons Rescue Riders Huttsgalor Holiday exclusive sneak peek for Romper.

Ahead of the show's premiere on Tuesday, Nov.24 on Netflix, Romper has been given an exclusive preview of Dragons Rescue Riders Huttsgalor Holiday. When an unexpected storm and a missing ship full of gifts threaten to cancel Odinyule, the Rescue Riders fly into action to save their favorite holiday!

Dragons Rescue Riders Huttsgalor Holiday premieres on Nov. 24 on Netflix.