Amy Adams as Giselle in Disney's live-action DISENCHANTED, exclusively on Disney+.
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Enchanted To Disenchanted: A Look At The Characters Then & Now

Plus some magical new additions.

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We first met Giselle and her true love Robert in 2007’s Enchanted, and now they’re coming back in Disney’s sequel Disenchanted with a new fairy tale. Here’s a look back at who they were, and how they’ve changed.

Giselle in Enchanted

Upbeat, musical Giselle (Amy Adams) drifted away from the magical world of Andalasia, where she was set to marry Prince Edward, to the streets of New York City. There she fell in love with Robert and his daughter Morgan, living happily ever after?

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Giselle in Disenchanted

She might start off singing in Disenchanted, but Giselle has changed. She’s had a baby with Robert and lives in Monroeville, but seems dissatisfied. After wishing for a fairy tale life, she becomes the villain — a wicked stepmother.

Robert in Enchanted

Robert Philip (Patrick Dempsey) starts out as a jaded single dad who doesn’t believe in fairy tales, until he meets Giselle. The two fall in love, helped along by his sweet daughter Morgan.

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Robert in Disenchanted

In the sequel, Robert is a married dad of two whose life is turned upside down by Giselle’s wish for a fairy tale life. Will he become Prince Charming and save the day?

Prince Edward in Enchanted

Prince Edward (James Marsden) was meant to marry Giselle in Andalasia before her sojourn to New York City. The two were not a good match. He found love with equally passionate Nancy Tremaine, Robert’s former fiancee, but will it last?

Nancy in Enchanted

Robert was engaged to Nancy Tremaine (Idina Menzel), the quintessential busy New Yorker, when he met and fell in love with Giselle. Don’t feel too bad for her though; she and Prince Edward fell in love and she became Queen of Andalasia.

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Prince Edward and Nancy in Disenchanted

Prince Edward and Nancy are brought back from Andalasia to Monroeville via Giselle’s magical wishing well. They’re still living that fairy tale lifestyle, dressed to the nines and looking for the turrets and moats.

Morgan in Enchanted

Morgan Philip (Rachel Covey) is an imaginative 6-year-old girl when Giselle comes into her life. Despite her father refusal to believe in fairy tales, she and Giselle are so positive and sweet he changes his mind.

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Morgan in Disenchanted

Morgan (now played by Gabriella Baldaccino) is a big sister to baby Sophia in suburbia in Disenchanted and dealing with, it seems, a wicked stepmother in the transformed Giselle.

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Meet Malvina Monroe in Disenchanted

Malvina Monroe (Maya Rudolph) is the new villain in town in Disenchanted, and she seems to be having a lot of fun with it. After Giselle wishes for a fairy tale world, it seems Malvina rules Monroeville. And she’s not about to give up that gig.


Giselle and Robert will be back with the rest of the Enchanted crew when Disenchanted premieres on Disney+ on Nov. 18. Get ready for the magic.

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