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George Clooney Loves Teaching His Kids To Play Poop Jokes On Amal

“My whole job, really, is to teach them terrible things... ”

So it turns out our collective Dream Husband is an incorrigible co-parent and (hilarious) corrupter of toddlers. In an interview with Hoda Kotb, George Clooney revealed his favorite part of fatherhood was finding ways to teach his children, three-year-old twins Emma and Alexander, how to freak out their mother, international human rights lawyer Amal Clooney.

The interview comes ahead of AARP the Magazine’s annual Movies for Grownups Awards, hosted by Kotb, where George will receive the annual Career Achievement Award at the virtual ceremony. Previous recipients of this honor include Robert De Niro, Susan Sarandon, and Helen Mirren. In a clip shared by Entertainment Tonight, Kotb asks George what part of fatherhood he enjoyed the most.

“My whole job, really, is to teach them terrible things,” he replies. “And I really do enjoy teaching my children to do things that shock their mother.”

He then asked Kotb if she knew what Nutella was.

Some of us can probably guess where this is going, but I’ll go on...

“You can put it in the nappy, as if it's been an accident,” he continues, “and then you can put it sort of down around one of your ankles... When mom comes in, they go, 'Mama,' and they pull off of their foot, the nappy, and they hold it out like this. And she goes, 'Oh, OK. Wait. Don't move.’”

And for the coup de grace.

“And they take it and they eat it."


George, who is known for his on-set pranks, has been wanting to get his kids in on his practical jokes from their earliest days: in 2017, the year they were born, People reported that he hoped to pull off a “dirty trick” involving peanut butter and a tennis shoe. (With an acting range like he has, you’d think his pranks would be a little more varied... ) Good for him for finally realizing this gross-but-also-kind-of-funny dream.

So, to reiterate, Amal is out there working diligently for human rights for people around the globe, and George is giggling maniacally as he teaches his children poop jokes. But, not going to lie here: I don’t want to love this, but I love this, if only for how much genuine, stereotypical Silly Dad energy George is bringing here. And, if I were to guess, I’ll bet Amal finds it all annoying, but in a gentle eye-roll kind of way that lets George know “This was ridiculous and annoying, but ultimately funny and someday I’ll laugh about it, but not today... ”

George's full interview can be seen on NBC’s Today and Today with Hoda & Jenna on Thursday, March 25. AARP The Magazine’s Annual Movies for Grownups Awards will air Sunday, March 28 at 8 p.m. on PBS.