How Did Rick Get Home On 'The Walking Dead'? Here Are 3 Possible Theories Of His RV Escape
by Leah Rocketto

For weeks, fans of The Walking Dead have been asking the same question over and over — is Glenn dead or alive? And although that still remains a mystery, this week brought about a new question (or, at least, it did for this viewer.) As I watched Sunday's episode, I wondered how Rick escaped the RV and returned to Alexandria

In case you need a reminder, the third episode ended with Rick frantically trying to start his rundown RV as a group of zombies approach. If you don't remember this, I won't fault you too much. After all, you were probably too distraught by Glenn's fall into the zombie mosh pit to pay attention to anything else. But it did happen. Which makes this week's opening scene all there interesting. 

Flash forward two episodes later (which, I estimate to be a day later, as most) and Rick is running towards the Alexandria gates, tackling zombies and screaming for someone to let him in. He looks tired, yes, but relatively unharmed given the fact that he probably had to fight off a few dozen zombies to make it back home. 

So how did he do it? How did Rick go from being in the fight for his life to a slightly stressful zombie-filled run home? One can hope that the plot point will be revealed at a later date, or that Scott M. Gimple will share some insight. But until either of those take place, here are three possible ways Rick escaped from the RV and made it back to Alexandria.


Someone Saved Him

This isn't the first time fans have seen Rick surrounded by zombies in a broken vehicle. In the pilot, Ricks finds himself stuck in a tank (with a walker, no less.) Just when you think he's about to bit it (or, more accurately, be bit), he hears a voice over the radio to help him out of the bind. And who did that voice belong to? Glenn. 

It's possible that Glenn comes to Rick's rescue once again, but doesn't make it out himself. Of course, in this week's episode, Rick seems as unaware of Glenn's whereabouts as the rest of the world. So if not Glenn, then who? It could be the yet-to-be seen Jesus, Rick's confidant in the comic books. Or maybe one of the Wolves grew a conscious and helped him out. Regardless, there's a good chance Rick had some help in escaping the RV. 


The RV Started Working

Rick's not nearly as mechanically savvy as Glenn or the dearly departed Dale. But that doesn't mean he can't jiggle a key till the engine starts working. It's possible that the RV started working and Rick was able to drive through the heard of zombies before it broke down again — this time, closer to home.


Rick Fought Off The Zombies Because He's A BAMF

Rick is without a doubt the strongest and smartest character on The Walking Dead. And when his adrenaline's pumping and his *ss is on the line, he'll do just about anything to stay alive (Remember Machete Rick?) If anyone could kill off a crowd of zombies and make it home in time for supper, it's everyone's favorite former sheriff. 

Images: Gene Page/AMC; Giphy (3)