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How To Watch Minari, A Powerful Tale Of The American Dream

This touching film gives viewers a glimpse into the lives of Korean Americans.

Winner of the 2021 Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture — Foreign Language, Minari is the powerful story of a Korean American family relocating and working to make their home in the Ozarks. Wondering how to watch Minari? It is available on quite a few streaming services if you're willing to pay.

Minari tells the tale of the Yi family, a Korean American family that chases its own version of the American Dream on an Arkansas farm. Suffice it to say, the life change brings with it a slew of challenges that the Yis face and overcome in the Ozarks. It is through these experiences that the family learns how strong they are together and what makes a house a home.

The powerful film brought home the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture in a foreign language, but the nomination alone caused a bit of a controversy. Critics argue that the film was not correctly categorized, as it is an American film written and directed by an American man. Additionally, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association determined that it was ineligible for Best Picture, forcing it into the foreign language category and raising powerful questions about racism in Hollywood. Actor Daniel Dae Kim described it on Twitter as "the film equivalent of being told to go back to your country when that country is actually America."

Whether you're looking for representation on the screen or wanting to get a bit more reference for understanding the surrounding controversy, there are a few ways to watch one of the most talked about films of this year.

Here's how you can watch the Golden Globe winner, Minari.

Minari is currently available to rent and/or watch on the following platforms for $19.99: Amazon Prime Video, iTunes and Apple TV, Google Play video, on the streaming service Vudu, through the Fandango site, Xbox, and the Redbox digital app.

No matter how you choose to watch, Minari is sure to open your eyes to the experience of Korean American immigrants and struggling families alike.