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Bluey Creators Set The Record Straight About That Rumor The Show Is Ending

“Some of you have spotted some online speculation on the future of #Bluey...”

Bluey couldn’t possibly be ending… could it?! This beloved TV show starring the Heeler family — Bluey, Bingo, Chili (Mum), and Bandit (Dad) — is top-notch entertainment for kids, filled with relatable content for parents. But recently, rumors have circulated about the show could be coming to an end. Oh, biscuits!

In an article published May 4 for Daily Mail Australia, insiders close to the Australian show’s production studio, Ludo Studio in Brisbane, claimed Bluey would end because the voice actor behind the 6-year-old dog (whose identity is kept a secret to maintain their privacy) is aging. “After four years and 130 episodes, the young actor’s voice has naturally matured leaving producers with the choice to either re-cast the role or — more drastically — end the show, insiders say,” wrote the Daily Mail.

It makes sense, but still. A world with no Bluey?!

“It has been one of, if not the hardest and most heartbreaking decision the producers have had to make,” the source told the Daily Mail, adding, “The show is obviously so profitable. But its legacy is also seen as more important than anything else, so the idea is to 'go out on a high.’”

Don’t cry yet! The creators of Bluey released a statement on Twitter yesterday addressing the rumors. It turns out, they love the show as much as we do!

“Some of you have spotted some online speculation on the future of #Bluey,” the show’s official Twitter account wrote on Wednesday. “We absolutely love the show and there are no plans to end it. The community of fans around the world continue to blow us away and if we ever had an update on Bluey’s future you’d hear it from us first.”

Fans were very happy with the update. One person commented, “I’m not one to believe in small rumors like this, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit worried. Glad to see it’s still pushing on!” Another said, “We love this show so much. So relieved to hear this, and my kids will be too! You’re a light in this darkness right now.”

Ludo Studio also made a statement directly to the Daily Mail Australia. “We absolutely love Bluey and there are no plans to end the show,” they said. “We always finish a season before planning the next one and right now we’re halfway through series three and really excited about the future — we can’t wait to share new episodes.”

Bluey won an Emmy award in 2019 and a Best Animated Series award at the 2021 Critics Choice Award. The popular preschool series, which was created by Joe Brumm and produced by BBC Studios and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, has two seasons available on Disney+ in the United States with Season 3 coming soon.

If this were an episode of Bluey, Bandit would probably give Bluey a big hug and remind her the importance of not listening to rumors. Everything’s going to be OK!