Saint West gave himself a New Year's haircut
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What Kim Kardashian's Son Did To His Hair Is So Relatable

Little Saint gave himself a new 'do to ring in the New Year.

New year, new you? For Saint West, it's more like new year, new 'do! In a hilarious Instagram story, Kim Kardashian West shared that her son Saint cut his own hair with a pair of safety scissors — an experience many parents can surely relate to. Fortunately, Kim assured her many followers that Saint is still just as cute as ever.

Kardashian West uploaded a series of photos to her Instagram Story showing the chunk of hair that Saint cut off, as well as a couple of cute shots showing the after effects. As a mom of four, Kardashian West is surely no stranger to the surprises her kiddos throw her way — as evidenced by her ability to laugh off Saint's tiny chop.

Fortunately, she and Kanye can rest assured that Saint is far from the only kid to try his hand at cosmetology. Julie Romanowski, owner and consultant with Miss Behaviour, a parent coaching service, told Today's Parent that it's a fairly normal bump in skills development. “Preschool-aged children are learning skills like cutting and pasting, as well as dress-up and dramatic play. Seeking a creative outlet for this new-found knowledge is a normal stage of development,” she said.

As far as self-cut hair goes, Saint did pretty well if you ask me — but check out the photos and be your own judge.

Saint West gave himself a new 'doKim Kardashian/Instagram
Mom shared the section of Saint's hair that was missingKim Kardashian/Instagram

The exciting new hairstyle came shortly after Saint celebrated his fifth birthday at the Alpine Estate in Lake Tahoe. While the party was a little more low-key than you've come to expect from the Kardashian clan, they still made the best of Saint's special day while staying safe. Rather than gather everyone together, the proud mom threw a drive-by style party to include their loved ones. While she admitted that it wasn't "ideal," Kardashian West seems to have made the most of things.

She also publicly wished her "baby" a happy birthday, saying, "One of my life's soul mates. Every year I interview my kids and ask them the same exact questions about life. Saint- I can't wait to see how you've grown and how you answers [sic] these questions as a 5 year old and show them to you when you're big."

If Kardashian West includes the hilarious haircut photos in the record of his birthday, Saint is sure to get a kick out of it all when he's "big."