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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry's 'Letter For 2021' Is All About Hope For The Future

Their non-profit organization has a very inspiring name.

Many people found their plans being postponed in the midst of 2020's unending onslaught — and the royals were no exception. But coming into 2021, your favorite couple has big plans. Meghan and Harry's New Year's message promises commitment to their mission to "build a better world, one act of compassion at a time." Posted on the newly relaunched website for their non-profit organization, Archewell, their "Letter for 2021" references the spirit of philanthropy that Prince Harry's late mother lived for and the couple hopes to embody.

An added bonus for fans of the royal family, the letter included a couple of sweet childhood photos: one of Prince Harry as a child atop Princess Diana's shoulders, and another of a young Meghan Markle embracing her own mother, Doria Ragland. Both Harry and Markle have openly expressed their respect and admiration for their mothers, so the dedication is wholly fitting.

After announcing that they were stepping down as senior royals, Harry and Markle announced their plans to start a new non-profit together, Archewell, in April of 2020. Unfortunately, their plans were brought to a halt when more pressing issues presented themselves. Sources close to the couple told The Telegraph that they were focusing their efforts on "current affairs," including the Black Lives Matter movement and the COVID-19 pandemic.

But with the calendar turned to 2021, the couple is excited to return to their work with Archewell. The letter posted to their website encouraged followers and supporters alike to join in on their cause.

“I am my mother’s son. And I am our son’s mother. Together we bring you Archewell,” the letter begins. “We believe in the best of humanity. Because we have seen the best of humanity. We have experienced compassion and kindness, from our mothers and strangers alike. In the face of fear, struggle and pain, it can be easy to lose sight of this. Together, we can choose to put compassion in action."

From their, the couple invited the world to "join us as we work to build a better world, one act of compassion at a time,” before closing with their signatures.

When first announcing their intentions to start the nonprofit, the couple explained where the inspiration came from. "Before SussexRoyal came the idea of 'arche' — the Greek word meaning 'source of action,'" they said. "We connected to this concept for the charitable organization we hoped to build one day, and it became the inspiration for our son’s name. To do something of meaning, to do something that matters. Archewell is a name that combines an ancient word for strength and action, and another that evokes the deep resources we each must draw upon. We look forward to launching Archewell when the time is right."

The exciting re-launch of their site and return to the important work comes shortly after the dynamic duo shared their first podcast from Archewell Audio via Spotify, which even included an appearance from little Archie. It is clear that Harry and Markle have much on the horizon for 2021. Here's hoping their plans aren't delayed any more!