Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck play two witches-in-training in 'Mickey's Tale of Two Witches.'
Image courtesy Disney Junior

Take An Exclusive Look At A New Mickey Mouse Halloween Movie That's Just Spooky Enough

Your kid’s favorite characters get a fun twist in Mickey’s Tale of Two Witches, including Franken-Goof, and Werewolfy Pluto.

Get into the spirit of the season with a brand-new Halloween movie from Mickey Mouse. In Mickey’s Tale of Two Witches, Mickey Mouse weaves a Halloween story for Pluto that’s full of witches, vampires, werewolves, and ghosts. Thankfully, Mickey’s tale is more gentle spooks than scary monsters, making it perfect for young kids. Take a sneak peek at the not-too-spooky fun in Mickey’s Tale of Two Witches with Romper’s exclusive clip below.

In Mickey's Tale of Two Witches, Mickey Mouse tells a Halloween tale about two witches-in-training: Minnie the Wonderful and Daisy Doozy. To graduate from Witch Academy in Happy Haunt Hills and become real witches, the two novices must pass a series of four tests. But Daisy Doozy isn’t confident she’ll pass.

While Daisy could use a bit more study time, she joins Minnie in helping Count Mickula, Mummy Donald, Franken-Goof, and Werewolfy Pluto in defeating a mischievous ghost. And in helping the boys, Minnie and Daisy learn that working together as a team can make both their friendship and their magic even stronger.

In a clip shared exclusively with Romper, Minnie the Wonderful and Daizy Doozy are out for a Halloween Day flight on their brooms when they spot Count Mickula walking through town with Mummy Donald, Franken-Goof, and Werewolfy Pluto. After filling the boys in about their big tests, Minnie and Daisy ask Count Mickula if he’s written a new song for that evening’s Boo Bash.

“It wouldn’t be Halloween without Count Mickula and The Monsters’ big new song,” Daisy declares. Much to everyone’s surprise, Count Mickula admits he doesn’t have a new song ready for the big party — yet. Can Count Mickula get his music figured out in time for the Boo Bash or will Halloween end on a sour note?

Mickey's Tale of Two Witches premieres Oct. 7 on Disney Junior and Oct. 8 on Disney+. After Halloween, be sure to look for Mickey Mouse’s Christmas special, Mickey and Minnie Wish Upon a Christmas, later this year.