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Barbie and her youngest sister Chelsea soar through an enchanted jungle in Mattel's "Barbie & Chelse...
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Check Out This Exclusive Trailer For The New Barbie Movie Coming To Netflix

Barbie and her sisters team up to solve the mystery behind Chelsea’s missing birthday in a new Mattel movie coming to Netflix in April.

by Morgan Brinlee

Barbie and her sisters are back for another adventure — this time on the high seas. When the girls discover Chelsea’s 7th birthday has somehow gotten skipped while on a family cruise, they set out on an enchanted quest to get it back in Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday. Mattel’s new animated Barbie movie hits Netflix next month and is the brand’s first film to feature Barbie’s youngest sister in a starring role.

“This year, we are expanding the Barbie content universe in a number of ways starting with a fantastical story centered around Barbie’s little sister, Chelsea, who embarks on an adventure to save her seventh birthday,” Fred Soulie, senior vice president and general manager of Mattel Television, said in a statement. “Chelsea is an incredibly popular character and we are excited to bring her into the limelight in this television movie.”

What Is Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday About?

Like most youngsters, Chelsea Roberts is so excited to celebrate her 7th birthday. And this birthday stands to be unlike any other as the Roberts family have booked a cruise to celebrate. But when the cruise ship crosses the International Date Line, Barbie and her sisters discover Chelsea’s actual birthday has been skipped over.

Upset at the thought of having missed the only 7th birthday she’ll ever get, Chelsea sneaks off the ship to a nearby enchanted jungle island rumored to be home to a magical gem capable of granting wishes to those lucky enough to find it. Can Barbie, Skipper, and Stacie find their younger sister before the dangers of the jungle (did someone say quicksand?) get the best of them all?

Get A Sneak Peek With Romper’s Exclusive Trailer

Kids and parents can get a peek inside Barbie and Chelsea’s latest adventure — and hear one of the film’s catchy original songs — with the full-length trailer Mattel shared exclusively with Romper. Catch Barbie’s vine-swinging heroism above.

How To Watch Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday

Mark your calendars: Barbie & Chelsea The Lost Birthday will premiere on Netflix on April 16, 2021.

Barbie fans will delight at Chelsea’s daring adventure and the fun new animal friends she meets along the way while parents are likely to be pleased with the film’s overall message of empowerment and emphasis on siblings supporting and showing up for each other.

“Barbie’s brand message, about inspiring the limitless potential in every child, and the themes in her stories resonate deeply with both kids and parents all over the world,” Soulie said, adding that Chelsea’s story continues the brand’s inspirational messaging. “Her story is all about finding your voice, and self-empowerment in the face of unexpected challenges.”