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A Brand New Bluey Christmas Episode Is Coming To Disney Junior

And Romper has a bonus holiday clip you can watch with your kids right now!

by Morgan Brinlee

While some may wish for a white Christmas, Disney Junior is gearing up for a blue holiday season. The children's television network will air a special Christmas compilation episode of Bluey this Friday. But before viewers celebrate the holidays with Bluey and the Heeler family, Disney Junior is helping kids get into the Christmas spirit with a fun holiday-themed Bluey clip.

The upcoming Bluey Christmas episode will feature three separate stories, one of which will introduce viewers to two new characters: Frisky and Uncle Rad. In the brand-new holiday story, "Christmas Swim," Bluey's family comes together for a classic Aussie Christmas celebration. When Bluey gets a new teddy she makes sure to introduce him as Bartleby to the entire family. But when Bluey's family starts to play too roughly with Bartleby, the teddy decides he wants to go home. Can Frisky convince the teddy to stay?

Disney Junior's special Bluey Christmas episode will also feature the fan-favorite stories of “Verandah Santa” and “Sleepytime.” In "Verandah Santa," the Heeler kids take turns pretending to be Santa on Christmas Eve. But when Bluey gets nipped by her 1-year-old cousin Socks, she retaliates by refusing to give the young tot a present. As a result, the entire family learns the true meaning of being good for Christmas.

In "Sleepytime," Bingo and Mum read a book about space before bed, which causes Bingo to dream that she and her beloved stuffed toy Floppy can float through space on a galactic journey. Meanwhile, Mum loses her spot in bed to Bluey when the young Heeler wakes her to ask for a glass of water.

You can help your kids embrace the Christmas spirit ahead of Friday's Bluey Christmas episode with the special clip below. In it Bluey and Bingo sing a fun rendition of "Jingle Bells" while sneaking a peek at the presents waiting them under the tree.

Catch the brand new Bluey Christmas episode on Disney Junior at 10:30 a.m. ET on Friday, Dec. 11. But don't worry if you can't catch it then, the episode will re-air throughout the month of December.