All The Fun, Family-Friendly Content Coming To Netflix In March

Including a new Jennifer Garner movie the whole family will love!

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If feel-good movies and fun TV shows are keeping you and yours inside and warm throughout the winter season, you're certainly not alone. Fortunately, more content is heading to Netflix soon that will keep you going all the way until springtime. In fact, there are quite a few new Netflix shows and movies coming in March 2021 that the whole family can enjoy.

There are a medley of family-friendly shows and movies coming to your living room via Netflix this month, but perhaps one of the most exciting is DC’s Superhero Girls. Originally aired on Cartoon Netflix, the first season of this inspirational, animated series is on its way to Netflix March 1. The show follows Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and their fellow female superheroes as they navigate life at Super Hero High School. Not even superpowers can help ease the pains and awkwardness that come with growing up.

But that isn’t the only new addition to be excited for this month. There is a lot of new family content coming to Netflix in March. Along with a school full of supergirls, you can expect to see Word Party: Season 5, City of Ghosts, and Secret Magic Control Agency — not to mention much, much more. Read on to see what else is coming up on Netflix this month.

March 1

Lego Marvel Spider-Man: Vexed By Venom: This five episode mini-series follows Spider-Man as he takes on his arch enemy, Venom. Between Venom and the Green Goblin, crime rates in town are at an all-time high. Can Spider-Man save the day?

DC Superhero Girls (Season 1): Go to Super Hero High School with Wonder Woman and the gang!

Power Rangers Beast Morphers (Season 2): When a secret agency creates a new team of Power Rangers morphed with animal DNA, they have to use their powers to defeat a computer virus from another dimension. The second season of their adventures is coming to Netflix soon.

March 3


Word Party (Season 5): Get down with another season of Word Party and dance with your favorite baby animals — Franny, Bailey, Kip, Lulu, and Tilly — as they learn new words, songs, and life lessons in both English and Madarin. Sing and dance along with them and learn a thing or two yourself.

City of Ghosts: The Ghost Club is a group of kids who spend their days in the haunted city of Los Angeles, meeting and interviewing the ghosts that they meet. Along the way, they’ll learn the history of their hometown and work to solve problems as a team.

Pokemon Journeys: The Series: (Part 4): Follow 10-year-old Ash Ketchum on the fourth installment of his classic Pokemon adventures. There are new Pokemon to meet, train, and battle; plus many more exciting adventures.

March 9


StarBeam (Season 3): Zoey’s days of transforming into superhero Starbeam are far from over! The third season brings new villains to Somerset for her to battle and new friends to make. Come along for the exciting, intergalactic adventures on Netflix.

March 12


Yes Day: Jennifer Garner stars as a mom in this Netflix film who lets her their three kids a "YES DAY," aka the kids make all the rules.

March 15

Zero Chill: This new Netflix Original teen drama tells the story of a talented figure skater Kayla who has to leave her own aspirations behind when her family moves. Her brother is attending a prestigious ice hockey school, but what will the future hold for Kayla?

The BFG: If your kids haven’t met the Big Friendly Giant yet, there is no better time than the present. The BFG follows 10-year-old Sophie on the adventure of a lifetime when she meets a real life, friendly giant. After being a bit scared, she quickly warms up to her new friend and the pair of them work together to rid the world of evil giants.

March 16


Waffles & Mochi: Get your much needed Michelle Obama fix in this fun, new series. With the FLOTUS by their side, puppet pals Waffles and Mochi learn about and try new foods from around the world on a journey to become chefs. Your kids will love it for the cute, educational opportunities and you’re sure to love the charming host.

March 19


Alien TV (Season 2): A tag team of alien broadcast reporters traverse the galaxy in search of a good story. When they catch word of a new world called Earth, they focus their efforts on understanding the bizarre customs of the inhabitants there.

Country Comfort: When her country music career comes to a pause, singer Bailey steps out of her comfort zone and takes a job as a nanny. While the show may tend a bit towards the gushy romantic for some younger viewers, this feel-good sitcom is appropriate for all ages.

March 25


Secret Magic Control Agency: Hansel and Gretel have come a long way from their days of being lost in the woods. In this new series, they are secret agents on a mission and nothing is going to stop them from achieving their goals — especially not an evil witch.

March 29

Rainbow High (Season 1): This animated high school series will give you serious Bratz Doll flashbacks, but your kids are sure to enjoy the lighthearted drama.

March 30


Octonauts & The Ring Of Fire: The Octonauts are in a bit over their heads when a lava-spewing volcano threatens to destroy their home. The team must work together to save their friends before it’s too late!

As you can see, there’s a lot going on this month on Netflix. Whether you’re looking for a fun, new film, or a fan favorite series, you’re sure to find something to suit all ages. Happy watching!

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