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'Mira Royal Detective' is one of many shows for kids and families coming to Disney+ in April.
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All The Fun Stuff For Kids & Families Coming To Disney+ In April

Including a couple throwbacks for parents!

by Casey Suglia

The Big Year

Three men enter an epic bird watching competition which takes them on the biggest adventure of their lives. Watch this 2011 film starring Jack Black when it premieres on Disney+ on April 2.
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Night At The Museum

Ben Stiller stars as Larry, a security guard at the Museum of Natural History, who discovers that the museum comes to life once the lights are turned out. Watch the first film in this trilogy on Disney+ on April 2.
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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian

In this sequel, Larry must travel to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. to help save the world from four of history’s greatest villains. Stream the 2009 film on April 2.
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Third Man on the Mountain

A young man goes on a mission to honor his father by climbing the highest peak a Swiss village has to offer in this adventure film from 1959. Watch Third Man on the Mountain on April 2.
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Future-Worm! Season 1

A 13-year-old boy’s life is changed forever when he is visited by a time-traveling worm from the future in this hilarious animated series. Future-Worm! debuts on Disney+ on April 9.
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Man of the House

Jonathan Taylor Thomas stars as a stubborn kid who does anything in his power to stop one man, played by Chevy Chase, from marrying his mom. Stream this family comedy on April 9.
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Treasure Buddies

With the help of a monkey and camel, five adorable dogs travel to ancient ruins in search of treasure in this super cute film from 2012. Treasure Buddies debuts on Disney+ on April 16.
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An exotic bird leaves his small town in Minnesota in search for more of his kind in Rio de Janeiro. He ends up going for the adventure of a lifetime in this 2011 film, debuting on Disney+ on April 16.
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Big Shot

John Stamos plays a temperamental college basketball coach who gets a job at an all-girl’s private school in this new Disney+ original series. The first episode of Big Shot premieres on April 16.
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The Kid Who Would Be King

After a young boy discovers the legendary sword of Excalibur, he and his friends become knights to fight evil. Watch this 2019 film on Disney+ on April 16.
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Secrets of the Whales

Learn about the extraordinary communication skills and social structures of five different species of whales in this National Geographic series streaming on Disney+ on April 22.
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Liv and Maddie Seasons 1, 2, and 3

Dove Cameron stars in this hilarious Disney Channel original show about two identical twins with very opposite personalities. Watch the first three seasons of Liv and Maddie on Disney+ on April 23.
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Baby’s Day Out

When a baby is abducted by three criminals, his escape route takes him on an adventure through Chicago while being pursued. Stream this 1994 film, written by John Hughes, on April 23.
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Mira, Royal Detective

This Disney Jr. series focuses on a young, resourceful girl who is appointed the role of royal detective by the Queen. Season 1 of Mira, Royal Detective debuts on Disney+ on April 30.
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In this movie adaptation of the Broadway musical, Oklahoma!, a farm girl must choose between two rival suitors. Stream this film from 1955 on Disney+ on April 30.
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