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See What’s New For Kids & Families On Netflix In June

So much to watch, so little time.

by Casey Suglia
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Super Monsters: Once Upon A Rhyme

Watch the Super Monsters recreate classic fairy tales and nursery rhymes with a musical and magical spin. Once Upon A Rhyme spins onto Netflix on June 1.

Cocomelon: A Sunny Day For Play

A new installment of the super popular kids series, Cocomelon, debuts on Netflix on June 1.
Cocomelon - Nursery Rhymes/YouTube

The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog: Season 1

Sonic and his best friend defend their planet from an evil doctor and his goons in this animated series from 1993. Season 1 comes to Netflix on June 1.

Breaking Boundaries: The Science Of Our Planet

Broadcaster David Attenborough and scientist Johan Rockström examine Earth’s biodiversity collapse and explain how this crisis can still be averted in this documentary. Learn more when it debuts on Netflix on June 4.

Kitty Love: An Homage To Cats

Abatutu, the most famous cat in the Netherlands, presents this celebration of cats in a collection of home videos that will have every animal lover gushing over the cuteness. Kitty Love comes to Netflix on June 5.

Fresh Fried and Crispy

Join food lover and critic Daym Drops as he scours the country in search for the best, freshest takes on all foods that are fried and crispy. See what all the fuss is about when it debuts on Netflix on June 9.

Wish Dragon

A resourceful teen meets a charming, wish-granting dragon that helps show him the magic of possibilities. See what he wishes for when Wish Dragon premieres on Netflix on June 11.

Skater Girl

After a teen living in India discovers that she has a passion for skateboarding, she chases her dreams to be a competitive skateboarder in this international film. Skater Girl hits Netflix on June 11.

Power Rangers Dino Fury: Season 1

After an army of alien beings are unleashed on Earth, it’s up to a team of Power Rangers, fueled by the power of dinosaurs — yes, dinosaurs — to deal with the threat. Watch the first season on Netflix on June 15.
Power Rangers Official/YouTube

Rhyme Time Town: Season 2

Friends Daisy and Cole use the powers of music and their imagination to solve problems in their town filled with nursery rhyme characters. See what hatches when Season 2 on Netflix on June 15.


After the death of his wife, a newly widowed father, played by Kevin Hart, deals with the doubts and dirty diapers that come with fatherhood as he sets out to raise his daughter all on his own. Fatherhood premieres on June 18.

StarBeam: Season 4

When face to face with villains, 8-year-old Zoey transforms into StarBeam, a pint-sized superhero who can always save the day in the fourth installment of this Netflix original series. Watch StarBeam save the day when Season 4 premieres on June 29.

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