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Awesome Nicole Tuck Quotes About Baby Asahd

by Kaitlin Kimont

You might be well-informed about DJ Khaled and his obsession with his son, Asahd. From his Snapchat posts to their red carpet appearances, it’s almost impossible not to gush over them. And Asahd is one lucky baby, because while his mom is not in the spotlight as much as him or his dad, she is also pretty enamored with this little guy. And Nicole Tuck’s quotes about her son prove she’s a down-to-earth mom with an incredible sense of humor.

In addition to being Asahd's mom and Khaled's longtime fiancée, Tuck had been pretty busy before becoming a parent. A few years ago, Tuck owned a short-lived small clothing business called ABU Apparel and has since become Khaled’s "unofficial business representative/manager," according to EarnTheNecklace.com. The site also reported that the new mom attended Marymount Manhattan College for her undergraduate studies and later earned a master's degree from Fordham University.

From managing Khaled's career to mothering little Asahd — which adorably means "lion" in Arabic — Tuck is clearly a busy lady. And despite welcoming her son last year, Tuck has seldom spoken to the media about him. But what she has said about her little boy will warm your heart and will probably make you chuckle.

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While a photo says a thousands words — like the one above that's oozing with happiness — here's a sampling of what Tuck has said about her son.

She Can Vouch For The "Like Father, Like Son" Saying

At VH1's Dear Mama event back in May, Tuck said raising Asahd has been "amazing." But she soon had the audience in stitches when she revealed that his father gave her the best practice she could ask for.

"But you know I've been a mother for like 14 years to this man right here," she said, referring to Khaled. "Don't you see, he's fed well, [he's] clothed."

She Has A Cute Nickname For Him

Any parent can attest, when you snap a photo that cute — look at that perfect, camera-ready pose — you just have to post it. As for a caption from this adorable post, Tuck couldn't help but gush about her little guy and called Asahd "my lil man."

She dubbed her son with the same nickname in another — this time, pretty hilarious — post featuring Asahd on a fan version of his dad's album cover.

She's Making Sure He's Humble

Poking fun at her fiancé's social media obsession, Tuck posted this adorable photo last year with the silly caption: "No more pictures please lol," tagging Khaled in the post.

Here little Asahd is again "hiding" his face from the cameras, which Tuck captioned: "My daddy is posting everything smh lol." Again, tagging Khaled.

While Tuck doesn't say much in public or post often on social media, the photos and quotes that do feature Asahd are by far the sweetest. And it's safe to that she's just as obsessed with her son as Khaled is — but almost definitely a bit more chill when it comes to Instagram and Snapchat.