11 Genuine Parenting Lessons From Friends

The one where all your marathon-watching pays off. Could you *be* nailing this parenting thing any harder?

In 10 seasons, Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe experienced a lot together — especially as some became parents themselves. When it comes to parenting lessons, they’ll be there for you.

Getting peed on is no big deal.

This parenting lesson comes from The One With The Jellyfish. Sure, it was gross, but Monica is proof that you can get peed on by your baby (or your friend) and survive.

“Baby Got Back” is a perfectly acceptable lullaby.

OK, so maybe they were trying to get Emma to laugh and not fall asleep, but the fact that Rachel and Ross sing this song to their daughter means you can sing whatever your heart desires to your own kids.

Clothing can be optional.

Ugly Naked Guy is proof that even if your toddler never gets dressed again, their neighbors will still care enough about them to try and poke them with a giant poking device if they think they’re dead.

Birthday parties will be memorable.

As Emma’s first birthday blunders prove, no matter how hard you strive for party perfection, things will go how they go. But memories of birthday songs, book readings, animal races, and illicit cakes are forever.

Sharing is caring. (Unless it’s food.)

“Joey doesn’t share food!” And you don’t have to let your kids know where you hide that secret stash of cookies, either.

Always leave detailed instructions for babysitters.

Here are a few examples: Don’t leave baby on a bus. Don’t bang their head on the ceiling beam. Don’t get their ears pierced without permission. Don’t teach them how to put plastic wrap on the toilet seat.

Your kid’s keepsakes will mean something to them one day.

Learn from the Gellers and don’t use boxes full of your kid’s keepsakes to protect your car in a flood, even if it is a Porsche.

Let your kids chase their dreams.

Rachel’s career in fashion, Phoebe’s songwriting, Monica’s cooking skills, Joey’s acting, Ross becoming a professor, Chandler…well, nobody’s really sure what he did, but they all unashamedly pursued their passions season after season.

There’s more than one way to be a family.

From Phoebe’s surrogacy for her brother to Monica and Chandler’s adoption and Ross’ co-parenting with Carole and Susan, the show is just full of incredible examples of this important lesson.

You’re going to fail sometimes. But it’s OK.

Joey doesn’t always get the part, Monica's food gets a bad review, and Ross gets divorced three times — it’s all proof that not everything is going to work out the way you want, but things will be alright in the end.

Above all, be who you are.

In parenting and in life, Friends is proof that being yourself is always the right choice. So, wear the leather pants, dance around with a turkey on your head, and order a Joey special if you want to — your true friends will still love you.