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17 Parents In Kid Movies That Are Weirdly Hot

Who says a cartoon can’t be sexy...?

When it comes to getting control of the TV, parents of young children are usually out of luck. But, every now and then, a kids’ movie will provide some eye candy...

Miss Honey, Matilda

We also want to live with Miss Honey in her cozy cottage surrounded by flowers and books.


King Triton, The Little Mermaid

He may be a merman, but what a merman, amiright?

Mufasa, The Lion King

Look, is Mufasa a cartoon lion? Yes. Are you lying if you say you don’t understand why he’s sexy? Also yes. Just embrace it.


Chica, The Emperor’s New Groove

She’s saucy, witty, and undeniably super hot. We want her to teach us how to replicate that cat eye & the secrets of her strong brow game.

Stephen, Hair Love

There’s a lot to love about Stephen: he's loving, determined, a little goofy, and, like, really, really good looking.
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Captain Von Trapp, The Sound Of Music

Look, would we want to be with such a strict, demanding man in real life? No. Do we get the appeal? 100%. Also, fighting Nazis is hot.

Elastigirl, The Incredibles

She’s powerful, she’s smart & *gestures in her general direction* come on, people, we’re all thinking it.


Tatsuo Kasakabe, My Neighbor Totoro

This handsome, sensitive, bookish single dad may not by what comes to mind when you think “hot,” but the good professor can get it.

The Great Prince of the Forest, Bambi

TGPotF has the sexy grace of a drag queen. No wonder the whole meadow stands at attention when he struts by.


The Evil Queen, Snow White

OK yeah, she’s not like the greatest parent in the world, but have you seen her smolder and undeniable thirst for power? Kind of hot.

Gomez & Morticia Addams, The Addams Family

Individually, the Addamses are incredibly sexy. Put them together and they are sex.
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Roger, 101 Dalmatians

The floppy hair! The way he plays piano in the middle of teetering tiles of books! The sweater vests! HE’S BRITISH. Need I say more? (Oh, yeah, and he ends up being a pretty great dad.)

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Hiccup, How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

Hiccup is a dad for about five minutes at the end of the last movie, but we’re totally counting it because BEARD.

Nani, Lilo and Stitch

While she’s not technically a parent, Nani is definitely a parent, and she’s definitely hot, so we’re counting it.

Mr. Fox, The Fantastic Mr. Fox

A slim suit, twinkly eyes, a crafty mind — Mr. Fox has it all, honestly.

Fox Searchlight

Charlotte Pickles, The Rugrats Movie

The power suit. The high ponytail. The complete control over her assistant, Jonathan. We're here for Charlotte’s boss energy.

The Mom, E.T.

Not only is she rocking one heck of a shag haircut, she’s also a single mom raising three kids with zero help from their dad. Kids who can take care of an alien on their own! (That she didn’t notice was in her house, which #relatable.)

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