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The Moms And Dads Are Horny

Let your kids have the iPad and lock your bedroom door.

Dear Reader,

You may not realize this, but every time you visit our site you give us a little window into what resonates with you as a busy parent. These days, you’re responding to stories about the big stresses and little joys, the frustrations of the pandemic and the nitty gritty of life with kids. We can see that you’re doing — and feeling — a lot. You’re also, apparently, quite horny. You frequently visit our stories about masturbation and orgasms, how to have more sex and how to be better when you’re having it. Lots of your questions are clearly about the mysteries of conception, but most are just about pleasure and how to get more of it.

For all this, we say thank you. Your horniness is a beacon of hope, your dedication to getting off a daily reminder that no matter how tired, touched out, frustrated, and stretched thin you are, you haven’t given up or shut down. There’s more good stuff to be had, whether it’s a solo quickie during nap time or an epic all nighter with your spouse (hey, it might happen, right?). Each new day brings another opportunity to orgasm and for that we salute you.

In honor of your indefatigable libidos, Romper and Fatherly have teamed up (in the platonic sense) to put together stories about parental pleasure. Yes, we timed this collection to land around Valentine’s Day — don’t let that good wine and cheap chocolate go to waste! — but we are confident you’ll continue to read them long after the love holiday is over. Because every day is a love — and sex — day on Romper and Fatherly.

— Elizabeth Angell, Editor in Chief, Romper, and Tyghe Trimble, Editor in Chief, Fatherly

In The Mood

Me Time

Feeling Myself: In Praise of Pleasure For Its Own Sake

"What I do by myself, no one else can do for me."

by Edan Lepucki

When You Want To Want To Have Sex, But You're Exhausted From The Kids

Take a deep breath and reignite that flame.

by Ashley Jones
Listen Up

15 Podcasts About Sex You Need to Hear

Advice, inspiration, and hilarity guaranteed.

by Cat Bowen
Get It Where You Can

17 Hottest Parents In Kids Movies

“Is it me or is that cartoon character kind of sexy...?”

by Jamie Kenney
Bookmark This

The Best Books To Read If You Need Something Steamy

Problematic early '80s fiction not included.

by Cat Bowen

7 Long-Term Couples Tell It Like It Is

Relationships, like people, change over time — in circumstance, in ability, in identity, in desire. It can be hard to remember that sex ebbs and flows, especially when you have little kids, but life is long, and, if we’re lucky, we have plenty of time to get it right. To keep it in perspective, we talked to people in long-term relationships about how their sex lives have changed over the years. The good news is that overall, with a bit of effort, they all seem to have gotten better.

Read More Here


From Fatherly

51 Sex Tips For Men Who Want to Be Great in Bed

A quick aside: Some of these sex tips - particularly the physical ones - may only apply to penetrative sex between cisgender men and women. However, even those have an emotional component that gets beyond physical sex to the relationship between two people.

These Are the Best Movie Sex Scenes Starring Actors 40 and Over

38 Small, Nice Ways to Help Your Partner Feel Desired - Fatherly

How 9 Couples Keep Their Sex Lives Going Strong After 10-Plus Years of Marriage

Here's What Men Actually Want in Bed

The Moms & Dads Are Horny

A Love Letter To My Missing Sex Drive

Will I have sex on Feb. 14? Who’s to say? (No.) But I will have sex again, damn it.

by Carla Ciccone

More Is More

Sex & Relationships

65 Sexy Little Things To Do With Your Partner

by Samantha Darby

That don’t even have to lead to sex.

Postpartum Sex

Your Guide To Postpartum Masturbation After A C-Section

by Sarah Hosseini and Katie McPherson

Experts explain whether a little solo *sexual healing* is safe.

Valentine's Day

29 Dirty Valentine’s Day Jokes To Set The Mood

by Jennifer Parris

Because the sexiest thing you can do is make them laugh.


10 Couples Games To Play That Help You Reconnect

by Ashley Jones

Play these games to reignite your spark and have fun together.


Fun, Sexy Maternity Lingerie, For When The Mood Strikes

by Jennifer Parris

There’s something for everyone here.


Zoom Date Ideas That Are Still Romantic

by Jessica Booth

Dinner reservations? Never heard of her.

Sex Toys

These Vibrators Are So Quiet, You Don’t Have To Worry About Waking The Baby

by Cat Bowen

Plus it’s something other than a breast pump for the USB port by your bed.

Valentine's Day

Have A Valentine’s Day To Remember With These Fun Games For Couples

by Kinsey Gidick and Jennifer Parris

Who’s up for some spicy competition?


How To Talk To Your Partner About Your Sex Life

by Katie McPherson

Having sex less happens, especially when you add kids to the equation.

Sex & Relationships

There's Actually An Ideal Time Of Day To Masturbate, According To Science

by Lindsay E. Mack and Mackenzie Sylvester

The only excuse you need to schedule a little self-love.


25 Questions You Should Be Able To Answer About Your Partner

by Irina Gonzalez

Because you’re a supportive partner who listens.


Scheduling Sex In A Relationship Is Just Fine (And Actually Fun)

by Katie McPherson

Couples therapists agree that planning for a romp may be the best way to get intimate with each other.


These 52 Flirty & Funny Texts Are Perfect To Send To Your Wife

by Kinsey Gidick


Sex & Relationships

How To Know If You Orgasmed

by Irina Gonzalez and Mackenzie Sylvester

Plus, what to do if you haven’t yet.


12 Apps To Help Couples Who Want To Reconnect

by Ashley Jones

Let technology bring you back together in the best way.

Sex & Relationships

18 Little Things To Do During Missionary To Make It Better

by Jill Di Donato and Mackenzie Sylvester

Some may call it bland, but it doesn’t have to be.