These 13 Sexy Maternity Lingerie Options Will Actually Get You In The Mood

Yes, it does exist.

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Just because you’re rocking a bump doesn’t mean you can’t get slinky between the sheets. On the contrary, now is a great time to channel all those surging hormones and slip on something sensual. But even if your go-to has been Granny panties for a portion of your pregnancy, you might be surprised to find out that sexy maternity lingerie does exist, and damn, it’s a total turn on, momma.

Now, if you’re used to the comfortable nature of maternity clothing, you’ll be thrilled to know that sexy maternity lingerie is definitely designed with your growing belly and boobs in mind. That means you won’t find bras that dig deep into your shoulders or rib cage, and will give your girls the room they need to look and feel sexy — and not squished together. When it comes to panties, you can opt for a pair that sports a lower cut and can cradle your belly instead of rubbing roughly against it.

So embrace your newfound curves (and libido), and look to some lovely, sexy maternity lingerie when the mood strikes. Not only can it ignite some serious passion between you and your partner, but it’ll give you a gorgeous glow, too. Because growing a human can be a completely empowering (and sexy) experience.

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A Titillating Teddy

You definitely won’t be feeling frumpy in this lacey bra from Cake Maternity. Pair a deep plunging cut with French-inspired deco lace, and you have a duo that will definitely get you in the mood. This bra can get you through your nine months and help you while you’re nursing, too. Pair this bra with the Truffles Lace Brief ($25.00), which features a cotton-lined low waist front to cradle your bump. Best part: it doesn’t have a visible panty line.


Supportive and Sexy

The Temptation Mood Indigo Bikini Brief ($15.99) is cute enough to wear during the day, but can also stir some romantic feelings come night. It’s stretchy and sits comfortably below your belly so that it won’t dig, plus lace detailing to make these panties pretty and perfect any time of day.


Lady In Lace

You’ll be feeling floral (and flirty) with this demure nursing nightgown from Motherhood Maternity. While it’s meant for breastfeeding, the gown, which is made from a jersey knit and cotton/modal/spandex blend, means you’ll have plenty of stretch to fit for your entire pregnancy.


Chic Coverage

This beautiful bra from Seraphine will give you pretty in pink (and brown) vibes. The contrast lace trim blends with the soft pink of the bra, which is made from a soft, silky smooth microfiber fabric. The bra is adjustable and has discreet drop down clips for nursing once your baby is born.


Peek-A-Boo Perfection

Sometimes, showing less skin can be super scintillating. The PinkBlush robe covers you up in all the right places, while still being pretty — and pretty sexy. The silky feeling robe is made from rayon and spandex, and features ¾ sleeves and an open front. What you choose to wear underneath (if anything at all) is up to you.


Barely There Coverage

With its plunging neckline and all-over lace design, you’ll feel ready for a night of romance (or just a quickie) in this nightie. The sheer lace look will accentuate all of your curves while still giving you some coverage. Made in Italy, the chemise has clip on/clip off nursing straps, making breastfeeding a breeze. Your bump has never looked more beautiful.


Sexy Mama

If you’re looking for a pretty pair of undies that are an immediate mood enhancer, these are it. Although they’re adorable from the front with their lacey dotted mesh fabric, it’s the peek-a-boo sheer back that’s a sweet (and sexy) surprise.


Let’s Get It On

Your girls will be so glad to fit into this adorable bralette from Hot Milk Lingerie. It provides full cup support for even the biggest boobs, and offers paneled shaping to make you feel sexy. Sheer black lace over sheer black mesh completes the look of this wire-free bra.


A Babydoll Dress For Your Bump

Your bump will look beautiful in this maternity babydoll dress from Amazon. Made from silky soft material, the babydoll dress has a lace overlay and a flyaway front, which you can open to show off your belly. A big bow adds extra detail on the bodice, and thick straps that tie into a bow around the neck mean that your girls will stay in place. (And if you feel them hanging a little too low for your taste, you can always adjust the straps to give your boobies a boost.) The stretchy back will offer a great fit without feeling constricting — just pair with some panties… or not, if you want.


A Lacey Maternity Thong

If your underwear is going to wind up bunching up in your butt, at least it should be pretty. And this pretty pair of maternity panties will do just that, but you won’t mind. The maternity thong from Cosabella has a soft lace waistband that makes this basic black thong even more beautiful. But instead of cutting into your skin or sitting uncomfortably on your belly, this thong is designed to sit right under your tummy. That way, you won’t have to keep lifting and shifting the thong so that it fits properly. It has a mid rise fit, so it can easily be worn with any pair of pants you own. Just be sure to hand wash the thong after use, since you don’t want to damage the delicate lace waistband.


A Leopard-Print Maternity Bralette

This leopard print maternity bralette will bring out the animal in your partner — and you. The padded cups will offer support for your boobs, and it’s made from printed soft, stretchy, and semi sheer fabric with scalloped lace. It has a pull-on style, so you won’t have to struggle trying to clip your bralette in the back. Best part: this bra can be used during your pregnancy and postpartum as well, since it has clip on and clip off nursing straps that can be adjustable for easy breezy breastfeeding.


Maternity & Nursing Nightgown

Sure, you want to look sexy, but you want to feel comfortable, too. That’s when this fun and flirty maternity and nursing gown from Kindred Bravely can fit your every mood. It has a lacey bodice that brings the sexy, but the bottom is stretchy, cozy, “I’m ready to go to sleep for eight hours” vibe. The empire waist makes this so much more than a nightgown, and the clip down cups allow you to breastfeed your baby in style. The racerback bodice helps keep your straps in place while you nurse, while the lacey detail allows you to feel beautiful.


Floral Butterfly Bra Set

Fantasy can take flight (literally) when you wear this pretty feather butterfly bra set. From Etsy designer ChasiasCreationz, the handmade maternity bra and panty set works for quite a few occasions, such as being by the water, for your maternity photos — or a night of romance. You’ll need to tell the seller what size bra and panty that you’d like, along with the color of the butterflies that you choose. This set brings a whole new meaning to the idea of “butterfly kisses.”

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